Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday - 1218/13


Hope you are having a good week!!  

Still cold and snowy here in Pittsburgh.

While you are visiting, stop by for a free download of THE CHRISTMAS CAROL.


To play along for Waiting On Wednesday, answer the following three questions:


• What are you currently reading?


It is good but a bit slow with the war chapters.

Isn't the cover great? 

Just finished it Tuesday tonight, but I am leaving it as my currently reading.  :)  Review is linked in the title above.

• What did you recently finish reading?



It is very good.  A heartwarming, family saga.

My review will be up on January 24 for a tour with Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours.

I hope you can stop back to see my review. 


•  What Do You Think You Will Read Next? 

I can't decide, but BECOMING JOSEPHINE and JUBILEE'S JOURNEY are for tours so they most likely will be one of the next ones.  :)

JUBILEE'S JOURNEY by Bette Lee Crosby 




Elizabeth said...

Have a great Wednesday!!

bermudaonion said...

It's hard to read a slow book this time of the year!

chrissireads said...

I hope you enjoy your books this week :-)

Ambrosia said...

All of them look great, I think unraveled would be right up my alley.

Thank you for stopping by Fire & Ice

Elizabeth said...

THANKS for stopping, Ambrosia.

I hope you get to read UNRAVELLED.

Elizabeth said...

It is difficult - thanks for stopping, Kathy.

Elizabeth said...

chrissireads...thanks for stopping.

ENJOY your week as well.

Gina said...

I'm going to read Gilbert book, too!

Happy reading!

lostinsidethecovers said...

Oooh, lots of historical fiction - I think I am about ready for a good one of those! Enjoy and happy holidays!

Elizabeth said...

THANKS for stopping, Gina.

Elizabeth said...

THANKS for stopping, lostinsidethecovers.

I love historical fiction too. :)

dreamzandclouds said...

I want to read Signature of all good things too. Enjoy your books! :)

Elizabeth said...

THANKS for stopping dreamzandclouds.

Have a great day.

Sofia said...

Wow, the cover of "Unravelled" is gorgeous!
Happy Wednesday and thanks for stopping by my blog!

mommysreadingbreak said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I haven't heard of any of these books, but they look like historical fiction? I hope you enjoy them!

Elizabeth said...

mommysreadingbreak...thanks so much for stopping back to my blog.

Degrees of Courage and Unravelled are both historical fiction.

Enjoy your evening.

cleopatralovesbooks said...

Happy Christmas Elizabeth, another great selection of books!

bibliobeth said...

Degrees of Courage looks great, hope you enjoy! Here's my link

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Elizabeth,

We have torrential rain and gale force winds here in the South of the UK tonight, although tomorrow is reportedly going to be dry, bright and sunny. Whatever, it is remarkably mild for the time of year, with temperatures up in double figures.

'Unravelled' sounds pretty much similar to my own recent read of 'Dance The Moon Down', although mine has very little from the war front and concentrates mainly on the impact of war on family left at home. From what you have said, I am now not so sure that you would enjoy it as much as I had thought you would.

I am liking the sound of the Elizabeth Gilbert book, so that is another definite for my reading list, thanks for sharing that one.

Enjoy the rest of your week,


Elizabeth said...

THANK YOU, cleopatralovesbooks.

THANKS for stopping.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the heads up, Yvonne.

Thanks for stopping.

Elizabeth said...

bibliobeth...I have finished it, and it was very good.

THANKS for stopping.

Elizabeth said...

The cover IS GORGEOUS. I agree.

THANKS for stopping by, Sofia.

Michelle said...

You have some good books on your list there. Iv just finished my first eReader book, was very different reading on a tablet but I did like it :)

Elizabeth said...

I don't like reading e-books. :)

I guess too set in my ways. :)

I use the e-reader, but prefer books. Glad you liked reading using the e-reader.

THANKS for stopping, Michelle. said...

I liked very much Unravelled, reading now Degrees of Courage, and read recently Becoming Josephine: its really a great great read!

Elizabeth said...

I will get to Becoming Josephine in a few weeks.

So you liked Unravelled?

THANKS for stopping, wordsandpeace.

Ellen said...

I've heard a lot about Elizabeth Gilbert's book...I'd love to read your review when you're done!

lifewithnoplot said...

Enjoy your reading! :)

Denise @ Life With No Plot

Susan @ The Book Bag said...

I absolutely loved Jubilee's Journey. Happy reading!

Elizabeth said...

I finished Jubilee's Journey last night.

LOVED it very much. My review will be up sometime in January at the request of Ms. Crosby.

THANKS for stopping, Susan.

Elizabeth said...

I think I have to put Elizabeth's book on the back burner for now. Too many books for tours. :)

THANKS for stopping, Ellen.

Elizabeth said...

THANKS for stopping, Denise.