Thursday, February 27, 2014

Book Blogger Hop - 2/28 - 3/6

 Question of the Week:

Have you stopped accepting books from either authors or publishers to try to catch up? If not, do you think you would ever do that?

My Answer:

I have cut down accepting books from both publishers and authors, but I don't think I will totally stop.  

It is too much fun getting new books in the mail and being able to read the ARC's or self-published books.  :)

What are your thoughts?


  1. Looking forward to everyone's answers.

  2. I agree, I love getting something other than bills in the mail! And I've discovered authors I love, that I wouldn't necessarily have tried otherwise. Here's my answer

    Happy Hopping & have a great weekend :)

  3. It's sooooo hard not accepting books. I completely know how you feel!

    My Post

  4. I haven't done that but I probably should. ;)

  5. My biggest problem is that the Indy authors have figured out what I like to read! So my answer is no-I haven't stopped accepting books-if I ever have a short tbr list it will be a miracle.

  6. I haven't had this as a problem yet, but I would definitely stop accepting books if they were piling up... but I confess I'd love to get a box of new books from a publisher - maybe someday :) Here's my response:
    Great question!

  7. My answer straight away is totally NO. Now if I was reviewing just myself I might have to think otherwise as I am quite a slow reader but luckily hubbie reads and reviews to and he can finish a book in one night if its that good. We do only review books that we think we will enjoy though x

  8. I've also had to decline a few books for review. I just didn't have the time to read them.

    Here's my full answer

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I agree, it is to much fun getting books in the mail and that's why I could never completely stop accepting them!

    I hope your mom is doing better!

  10. THANKS about my mom, Vicki.

    THANKS for stopping by and commenting.

  11. It is difficult to turn down books when you know you would like them, but you have to be realistic. If you don't have the time, you have to decline. :(

    THANKS for stopping, Monique.

  12. THANKS for stopping, Sharon.

    I definitely only read books I know I will like. Too many good books and so little time to do otherwise. :)

  13. Anja...makes sense. We only have so much time. :)

    THANKS for stopping by.

  14. LOL, MikiHope.

    I am not sure I will ever whittle my stack down either. :)

    THANKS for stopping.

  15. Cataluna6 - thanks so much for stopping.

    Going to head over to your answer.