Thursday, July 24, 2014

Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun - 7/25/14

Feeling Beachie

Love this meme....I hope you can join in the fun.

Each week, Feeling Beachie lists four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. 

The statements:

  1. I find ____very _________.
  2. My favorite _______ is_____.
  3. Why do I always _______?
  4. My favorite time of the day is ____ because ____.
My Answers:

1.  I find taking too much on at once is very overwhelming.
2.  My favorite way to spend the day is reading and blogging.
3.  Why do I always do things myself and not ask for help?
4.  My favorite time of the day is when I first wake up because I take my daily walk.

How would you answer any of these questions? 


  1. GREAT answers!! I liked the very open-ended "My". The answers can be anything! I am with you too, I could easily spend my days doing the same thing!

    Hmmmm...a daily walk. That sounds GREAT!

  2. It is very open-ended.

    Off for my walk.

    THANKS for stopping, CLR.

  3. Yes, yes, yes, and yes-I would love to do that!! I could happily read and blog 24-7 if life allowed for that! :-)

  4. I could have given these same answers almost verbatim!

    2 Kids and Tired Books

  5. Awesome, Holly.

    That is funny that you would have the same answers as I did.

    THANKS for stopping.

  6. Blogging is so much fun. I do use too much of my day for it, but it is what I love along with reading of course. :)

    Thanks for stopping, Josie Two Shoes.

  7. Excellent answers! I do that often - take on too much and then feel overwhelmed.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I know a lot of peeps who take on to much...I am not one of is a big word in my vocabulary. Seems most peeps like the morning...i like it, too, but not enough to call it a favorite.

  9. GREAT that NO is in your vocabulary.

    Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping, Patricia.

  10. We need to learn to say no, Yvonne. :)

    Thanks for stopping by.

  11. I am the same way with #3 - but then again if you want something done right do it yourself!

  12. I could have answered very similarly, except for the last one. I'm a sleepy head!

  13. How fun, Fancy.

    Thanks for stopping.

  14. Exactly, Hilary.

    I agree on doing it yourself if you want it done correctly.