Friday, September 19, 2014

Book Blogger Hop - 9/19 - 9/25

 Question of the Week:

How important is a book's cover to your overall impression of it?

My Answer:

Oh my goodness...a cover to me is as important as the book's characters and storyline.

Covers pull me in.  I am a cover nut.  :) 

What about you? Would a cover make or break your decision to read a book? 


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  1. I do love a good cover and freely admit they can attract me to a book.

  2. Covers definitely pull me in! Once I'm hooked the cover doesn't really influence my overall impression though I always hate when I dislike a book with a beautiful cover!

  3. The cover will definitely pull me in or turn me away, but my overall impression is usually content-based.

  4. I am very much drawn to book covers and take delight in their creativity, color, and design.

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