Friday, September 28, 2012

Book Blogger Hop - 9/28 - 10/4

Book Blogger Hop


Hosting a giveaway? Tell us about it! 

Write a great discussion post this week? Promote it! 

This is the week to pick ONE POST from the past week to highlight for the Hop!



I am actually hosting TWO giveaways.


One is from October 1 to October 15

Check the GIVEAWAYS LINK at the top of the page or click here.


My discussion is about the verification code that must be filled out before you leave a comment and Raffelcopter.

I am going to be negative about both of these.  

The verification codes are annoying and very difficult to read.

I turned mine off.

Raffelcopter is VERY annoying as well, a waste of time, and difficult to use.  It turns me away.  I can't be bothered to enter a contest with so many things you have to do.

What are your thoughts on having the verification code in the comments section and the use of Raffelcopter?

Please leave me a comment on this post on what you think.


The post from last week I would love to highlight would be my Blog Hop Post because I LOVED that question and learned so much about everyone, but I am going to go with my review of Hemlock Lake.



I am going to be in New York visiting my son and also going to the book event on September 29 at the New York City Public Library.   Is anyone else going to be there?  I would love to meet you in person.  Send me an e-mail.

Have a great hop!!


  1. I hated the verification code & constantly got annoyed when I was confronted with it, presuming this was the same for others I chose to switch mine off months ago - end result nothing, the spam filters catch the undesirables & every now & then I delete them.

  2. THANKS, Parrish Lantern. I am glad I am not the only one who hates those things.

  3. I hate both word verification and that crazy Raffelcopter, I never know if I've done it correctly or not, so mostly I don't sign up at give-aways with them. But maybe that's the idea, no sign-ups no give-aways.

  4. Thanks for commenting, Gigi Ann. I don't enter either when there is a Raffelcopter form.

  5. I have to agree that word verification can get annoying at times but for my sister's and my blog we were getting a lot of spam comments and so we turned it on.
    As for rafflecopter I actually happen to be a fan of it! It makes giveaways really easy for the people hosting them and I personally think it also makes it easy for the people entering. It's nice to be able to get more entries for simple task, especially the ones that are already done.

  6. Thanks, Abbi. I just don't understand how it works. :)

  7. Well I do not like the verification for sure especially when I have enough problems with reading anything as it is, lol!

    As for Raffelcopter, I personally do use it as I like to give and receive, sorry.

    Have a wonderful weekend Elizabeth, I hope I did not offend anyone by my comments.

    God bless,
    Jodi's Book reviews

  8. I love the highlighted post! Facebook is a notorious spot for people to use the wrong words. I can't tell you how bad I want to correct people when they use were instead of we're and mix up there, their and they're. It drives me nuts!

  9. I hate the verification code too, Elizabeth, so turned it off. Not sure what a Raffelcopter is??

  10. Great giveaways :) I dislike word verification too. I never thought to ask my blog readers if they like rafflecopter. I'll have to ask! It does make my giveaways easier on me though.
    Enjoy NYC.

  11. Thanks for the follow... and thanks for the great pix of Scotland! I've been to Portree, and the other photos just take me back - and I can't wait to go back! Magical, even if the weather is mizzly!

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  13. (I deleted my previous comment because of typos.)

    Hi, Elizabeth!

    Thank you for commenting on my Blogger Hop post! I really appreciate it!!

    As for the topic of this discussion, here are my views:

    I totally agree with you about word verification. The words and numbers are VERY hard to read sometimes, so I frequently find myself having to try to publish a comment two and even three times! This is indeed extremely annoying, as well as frustrating!!

    I used to have word verification on my blog posts, until a visitor pointed out to me that this could be deterring people from leaving comments on my posts. Having experienced the frustration myself, I promptly decided to turn it off. Ditto with comment moderation and OpenID. I want to make it as easy as possible for my blog visitors and regular readers to comment on my posts!

    As for Rafflecopter, I have to disagree. I hosted my first giveaway (for my one-year blogoversary) without it, since I hadn't heard of it yet. Let me tell you, it was pretty time-consuming for me to wade through all the entries in order to pick a winner! I had to do it the old-fashioned way -- by picking the winner's name out of a hat! (One of those New Year's Eve funny hats, by the way.) How? Well, I typed out all the names in Word, printed the sheets, then cut up and folded all the little pieces of paper and put them into the hat, which I then thoroughly shook. Afterward, I picked out one of the papers to get the winner. Whew!! I'm getting tired just describing the process!!

    Well, after THAT experience, I decided to check out Rafflecopter, which I subsequently saw on other blogs. I hosted my next giveaway with it, and I'm SO glad I did!! It's just SO convenient!! I can very easily keep track of all the entries, and, at the end of the giveaway, the Rafflecopter itself can pick out the winner! No more cutting up little pieces of paper to pick a winner out of a hat!!!!

    It's too bad you won't enter a giveaway if you see a Rafflecopter, because you're probably missing out on some GREAT ones, but you're entitled to your own opinion, of course. I for one will contintue to use Rafflecopter.
    As for my funny hat, the only thing it'll be doing from now on is adorning my head on New Year's Eve! Lol. : )

  14. I guess I don't understand how to use Raffelcopter, but I still think it is too much to do. :)

    I don't mind figuring out the winner. I use to choose my winner.

    Thanks to everyone for the input on both topics.

    I had fun today at the Conference at the Mid-Town Manhattan Library.

  15. I agree with the majority- no word verification. I took mine off a few months ago and haven't had too much trouble with spam- Blogger identifies it pretty well.

    I'm hosting a giveaway for Banned Books Week- The Kite Runner or another book off of the ALA banned books list. (Was I supposed to list that here?) Thanks!

  16. Thanks for stopping by Julia and listing your giveaways.

    THANKS for your comments.

  17. Liza...Raffelcopter is what you can use to run a giveaway.

  18. I hate the verification code too. It typically takes me 3 tries to get it right. So frustrating!

    As for rafflecopter, I love/hate it. I love it because it can be easy. All it takes is one click and I enter the giveaway instead of having to comment and (typically) deal with the verification code. I hate it when people have 10 or 15 things to do. Or when they require you to post a comment. If they wanted me to post a comment, they should of skipped the rafflecopter and just used comments for entries.

  19. thanks for coming by my blog! it's too bad your giveaways are US only.

    as for word verification - i turned mine off ages ago. blogger pretty much catches anything anyway. and i hate that it's

    as for rafflecopter, i'm guilty! i use it bec it's not only easy to use (for me and the one entering), it's alwso a fair way of selecting a winner. and everyone is now on social media, so it gives a nice little bit of interaction!

  20. I generally love rafflecopter, but, yes, it can be very annoying if there are too many options for entry and they all involve ridiculous hoops to jump through.

  21. In defense of my dislike of Raffelcopter, I just saw one where you had to do 563 things to enter the contest.

    Now....come on...that is ridiculous.

  22. I love Rafflecopter, as long as there aren't too many things to do, like 10 is fine, but more than that is crazy in my opinion.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Sorry for the very late reply, I was very busy with school.

    Nazish @ Nazish Reads