Friday, December 14, 2012

Book Blogger Hop - 12/14/12

Question of the Week:

 What bookmarker are you currently using?

My Answer:

Fun question...I have tons of bookmarkers and I even have a beautiful metal one with a heart on it that goes over the page, but it is hanging elsewhere for a decoration on a photo frame.  

But guess what I normally use?  Probably something similar to what others use as well.  :)  Odds and ends around the house.

I am currently using a post it note that has the date on it indicating when I received this book.  :)

Sometimes I use a store receipt or envelope or anything handy, but for now it is my trusty post it note.  One time I used a recipe card and another time an airline ticket.  

I also have used bookmarkers that the children made in the library bookmarker contest.  The school librarian runs a bookmarker creating contest for all grades, chooses one from each grade, has the winner's bookmark made into about a 100 bookmarkers, and then gives them to teachers, staff, and students.  They are fun.

Just thought of and found my favorite bookmark from one of my favorite cities..... Barcelona....Portree is still my #1 favorite city.  :) 

Here is a photo of it.  It is made of  "tough" plastic.  I got it in Barcelona when I visited.


Can't wait to see what everyone else has to say.

Have a great day!! 


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  2. Looking forward to everyone's answers.

  3. Oh - great question!

    I collect so many beautiful bookmarks - I even MAKE them - but most of the time, I am reading so many books and bookmarking so many things I am grabbing whatever I can find!

    Have a great weekend - would love to see you at Friendship Friday at

    Create With Joy

  4. Thanks for stopping by my Friday Hop! Great answer! I often use odds and ends too, including movie ticket and train stubs.

  5. I am currently using a postcard that I picked up while in Australia this past May. I've been known to use a receipt and once a popsicle stick for a few days :D

  6. Nice! I love bookmarks and have collected them for years. I even have some from grade school, still. I have some that I love but I don't like to use them in books (too bulky or what have you). I'm currently using a 'mom' one that my best friend got me when my daughter was born. I also have some home made ones with pictures of my family that I tend to grab quickly. :)

    Brandy @ A Little of the Book Life

  7. I love bookmarkers and have many, I never read a book without a bookmarker waiting to save my place. The only time I would use a sales receipt is when shopping, buy a book, go to the car and start reading while waiting for hubby to finish his shopping. BUT as soon as I get home in goes the bookmarker.

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  9. Ha! I'm the same way - every time I fly my ticket goes in my book. I've used grocery lists, receipts, bills, movie tickets, etc.

    Glad to know I'm not the only one!

  10. That's a neat bookmark! I try to use my bookmarks but I have found myself using whatever I find near me as a marker.

    My answer

  11. I have a bookmark I stitched myself, but I tend to pick up lots of card ones from bookshops, usually advertising new books.

  12. I have some autographed bookmarks that I use. I also have been known to use postcards from authors announcing books and envelopes from mail that I received.

  13. I've collected a lot of different bookmarks over the years from book shows and like the paper ones best. I keep them in a drawer and grab one when I need them.

  14. There are times I use pieces of paper and other things to mark my spot. Usually I use my butterfly bookmark. No more turning down page corners like my Grandmother taught me! lol

  15. Good...I am so glad you don't turn the pages down. :)

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