Friday, September 13, 2013

Book Blogger Hop - 9/13 - 9/19


Are you in a book club? How does your book club choose books? How far in advance do you choose?


I am actually in three book clubs.  I will talk about the one I have been in the longest.  :)

We had problems taking up too much time choosing a book so here is what we did and what we now do. 

1.  Each member submitted as many books as she wanted for suggested reading choices.
2.  The lists were typed into an Excel file and assigned a number.
3.  At the end of each meeting, we choose a number from a "baggie."  
4.  The number that is chosen is the book for the next month.

This works out perfectly for everyone, and no time is wasted for thinking of a book.

We do veer from this when a member has won books for us, and we have had a few members including me win books for members.

As for how far in advance, we choose books for the next two months.  

Looking forward to some unique ideas that may be a good change all of my book clubs can make.


  1. Can't wait to see what other book clubs do.

    Have a great day.

  2. I'm in one book club and we just read any book someone suggests. I really do wish we were a little more selective because we read quite a few books that don't make for a good discussion.

  3. I joined book club in good reads only,so far I met new friends who loves reading romance novel.

    Hope you can visit my Book Blogger Hop

  4. It is difficult when there are so many people involved. That is why we implemented this method. THANKS for stopping, Kathy.

    Thanks for stopping, Michie, and sharing your experiences.

  5. I planned to "hop" today, too, but somehow the day got away from me. Perhaps next time...

    I would love to belong to a book's been years. But so far, I haven't found a group of readers who have time....

  6. THANKS for stopping by, Laurel.

    Try the library or neighbors?

  7. Just joined my 1st book club last week! So, I don't have a lot of feedback on the experience. But it's put on my our local librarian- I believe she picks the books b/c they had problems deciding. I think she does it by just looking around at what other libraries are doing, but she tries to mix it up. We meet once a month on the last Tuesday of the month. It's a good thing for me- otherwise, I'd read only kid's lit!

  8. THANKS for stopping, Jane.

    That is good ONE person chooses. Too many cooks spoil the choosing.

  9. I belong to two book clubs and two book swap groups. As for the book clubs, in each group we choose the next book at our monthly meeting. Occasionally (usually around summer and/or holiday months) we'll select books for the next two meetings. Members bring suggestions for next reads to the meeting, and we keep a list of possibilities based on those suggestions.

    The book swap groups are totally different. We meet monthly to talk about books we have read and bring books that others might want to borrow.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Elizabeth. I'll be on the look out for your Book Beginnings posts.

    Catherine @ Book Club Librarian

  10. WOW! That is a great system. My book club nominates books based on a monthly theme. Nominations are online for 7 days then vote for 7 days then a book wins.

  11. Please remind me about the Book Beginnings Posts. :)

    THANKS for stopping, Catherine. :)

    THANKS, Alysia...we had to do something. It took too long to choose a book at each club. This saves time as well as feelings. :)

  12. Wow, That's a great way to choose which book to read in the group. For us Goodreads book clubs the hosts are authors and we read other author's works that are either new releases or old releases. Almost always there's 2 to choose from and most of them are from favorite reads done by the members so it has always worked out well.

  13. THANKS, kipha. It works out very well.

    THANKS for stopping.

  14. What a good way to choose a book! I'm a new follower from <a href="”>Daily Mayo</a>. Thanks for stopping by!

  15. THANKS for stopping by, Brenda.

    We like this way. Keeps feelings from being hurt as well as saving time. :)

  16. Our book club would suggest books twice a year. I'd make a list with all the books suggested, then everyone gets to vote by e-mail. Those with the most votes would be taken and I'd try to alternate between fiction, non-fiction and different countries, different times etc.

    Unfortunately, I had to give up the club because I am too sick right now to run it but there is a list of all our books here.

    Marianne from Let's Read

  17. THANKS for the list of books...that is a great way to choose.

    I hope you are better soon...sorry to hear this.