Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review and Giveaway of The Returned by Jason Mott



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"Do you want to keep him?"   What kind of question is that to ask a mother who hasn't seen her child for 50 years?

When Jacob showed up on his parents' doorstep after his death 50 years ago, you can imagine the shock.  But was it really shocking that Jacob appeared when the dead were returning all over the world and this phenomena was the main story in the news?

No one knew what to do with The Returned.  The town of Arcadia and all across America had the Returned filling up towns, and so they had to sequester them.  Arcadia seemed as if it was being singled out, though, and the government was going to try something with this isolated town that they think might help with The Returned.

They used the schoolhouse to house all The Returned.  It was not a pleasant place to be.  There were too many people, the sanitary conditions were unacceptable, and people had to sleep on the floor or outside if they didn't have a cot of their own. Was this treatment a disaster waiting to happen?  And why were The Returned flocking to Arcadia?

The book's premise is a bit strange and eerie, but unique. It is very frightening to think that governments were isolating The Returned from the rest of the world. It seemed as if there were a war going on between the True Living and The Returned.

All of this definitely made for an unusual book.  THE RETURNED is a book that will have you questioning your faith, your government, and mankind. How could mankind do this to another human whether they were a True Living or one of The Returned?  Everyone was affected and not positively.

It took a few pages to get interesting, but you will be glued to the book's pages to see what Arcadia will do next and what The Returned will do next.  THE RETURNED definitely held my interest as well as made me cringe at what was actually taking place.

THE RETURNED had wonderful, detailed scenes and was very descriptive.  You could feel the tension in the town, you could feel the unrest among The Returned as well as the True Living, and you could feel the hopelessness of living in the conditions set for The Returned. 

The epilogue and the author’s notes at the end of the book will make you pause and do some introspection.  Despite the book’s odd theme/plot, there is an indication that we need to express our feelings while the people we love are still with us.  4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation in exchange for an honest review.



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  1. I hope you get to read this book.

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  2. I first became interested in this story when I saw the trailer (it's excellent) and then read that Brad Pitt will be producing an adaptation for ABC TV. Your review is great and I'm eager to read the book.

  3. THANKS so much for stopping by, Beth.

    It is an interesting premise for a book.

  4. Spooky. I really want to read this one and such great timing too. :) Thanks for the giveaway.

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  9. I was supposed to review this but it never arrived in the mail bec. of some mix-up. I was so excited to read it too. Thanks for an awesome review ... now I really want to get my hands on this :)

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  11. I have this and just have not read it yet! I think I need to bump it up!

  12. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the book! I really enjoyed it and have been recommending it to other people left and right.

  13. Hope you get to read it soon, Patty.

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