Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Book Club Win


My book club entered a contest on  Reading Group  Choices by sending in a photo and creating a post that tells why our book club is unique.

We were selected, and here we are at a book club meeting from this summer.

I think we are UNIQUE.


Daily Grind Book Club

The Daily Grind Book Club is an eclectic group of ladies ranging in age from 50 to 84 who share a love of books, a love of family, and a love of food. We are a very relaxed group, do not chastise each other for book choices, and we respect each other’s opinion.

Our name isn't indicative of how we feel about our day. It is the name of a restaurant in Lower Burrell where our book club was born around 15 years ago.

We meet once a month at local restaurants because keeping our community businesses afloat is important to us.

Members of The Daily Grind read all genres except sci-fi and fantasy, and most members enjoy historical fiction.

What makes our club unique is the way we choose books for each month. We had problems choosing a book and wasting too much time at each meeting so we went the route listed in the next paragraph.

We compiled a list of books that each member submitted along with a brief summary, typed the list into an Excel Spreadsheet, and assigned a number to each book title. To save time, and to spare feelings, a number is pulled out of a hat at the end of each meeting, and that is the book that is chosen for the upcoming month. This solved our book-choosing problem, and we have "saved" our book club.

Another unique feature of The Daily Grind is that our members belong to at least two or more book clubs, and one of our members has a blog that features reviews of Advanced Reader Copies given to her by publishers as well as books by individual authors.

We enjoy each other's company and look forward to hearing about books read outside of the book club so we can add these books to our toppling stacks of books to be read.

Members of The Daily Grind Book Club


  1. Congrats on winning!! It sounds like you have a fabulous book club group!! :-)

  2. Congratulations! I love the age range of the members - would be great for varied perspectives, I would think.

  3. Oh that's cool! Yay
    I want to know which one is you in the pic!

  4. THANKS, Captivated Reader.

    We do have a great book club as you can see by the write up.

  5. Thanks, Mary. It does make for interesting discussions.

  6. Wall-to-wall books...I am in the front row in the middle in the pink tank top.

    Thanks for stopping.

  7. You know I love book clubs! I love also that yours is 15! We turn 13 years old this year and that amazes me.

    I also like hearing the different ways that book clubs choose books.

  8. THANKS, Shelia.

    We are a wonderful group of ladies.

  9. How fun! Congratulations to your book club!

  10. THANKS, Laurel.

    We do have a lot of fun together.

  11. Ahh thanks, there you are!

    Its freakin cold here in NY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Last night at 2:00am the windchill got down to -43 that was the coldest so far. Right now it goes between -15 and -30ish, thats the windchill (actual temp right now is 1)

    All the schools are closed around here.

  12. Oh my goodness, now that is cold.

    Schools are closed here too, but we aren't that cold. We only got to a -21.

    THANKS for stopping back.


  13. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog and The Invention of Wings is very good so far.

  14. Good to hear Invention of Wings is good.

    THANKS for stopping back, Carol.

  15. Congratulations on your book club's win! I love how you pick your next book to read!

  16. THANKS, Julie.

    We needed to do something about choosing. :)

  17. Congratulations! What a great group!

  18. Thank you, Susan.

    We are a wonderful group.

  19. I want to join your bookclub! Congrats to you.

  20. How sweet of you, Debbie.

    THANK YOU for stopping and for commenting.

    If you live near us, you are very welcome to join us.