Monday, January 20, 2014

Mailbox Monday - 1/20/13

Mailbox Monday is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week. (Library books don’t count, but eBooks & audiobooks do).    

Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles, and humongous wish lists!

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THANKS to everyone for keeping Mailbox Monday alive. 

I hope you had a good mailbox.  I  had an amazing mailbox on Monday of this week. 

Nothing after Monday, but this box of books was enough for one week even though I will be sharing them.  :)


On Monday, January 13, I received:

NINE books from Reading Group Choices that my book club won by being featured on their site.  

The link to my blog post is here, the link to the Reading Group Choices post is here, and the books are below.  

Not sure how long the Reading Group Choices link will be live, but I am including it.  :)

Reading Group Choices sent my book club some AWESOME titles.  

2.  THE RATHBONES by Janice Clark 
3.  FLIGHT BEHAVIOR by Barbara Kingsolver
4.  TELEGRAPH AVENUE by Michael Chabon 
5.  THE EXECUTION OF NOA P. SINGLETON by Elizabeth L. Silver 
6.  THE CUTTING SEASON by Attica Locke 
7.  THE ROUND HOUSE by Louise Erdrich
8.  THE NIGHT RAINBOW by Claire King
9.  BODIES OF WATER by T. Greenwood 
Also enclosed was a copy of READING GROUP CHOICES 2014 - Selections for Lively Book Discussions.  It lists books with discussion questions.

THANK YOU Charles F. Mead and Reading Group Choices. 


  1. WOW! That is wonderful! I'm so pleased for you and your bookclub. Those titles are stunning.

  2. Wow, what a nice package! I'm sure your book club loves you!

  3. What a delight to receive a box of books! I've been wanting to read The Round House. Enjoy!

  4. That's some win you have there! Happy reading, Elizabeth.

  5. I added my linky, but am not visiting blogs because my mother became ill, and I didn't have time.

    Happy Reading!! book club is going to love our haul.

  6. What a great box of books!

    Will keep your mom and family in my prayers.

  7. THANK YOU, Vicki.

    We need all the prayers we can get.

  8. Nice win, Elizabeth. Sorry to hear your mom isn't well. Prayers being said.

  9. A Constellation of Vital Phenomena was one of my favorite books in 2013. I hope you love it!

  10. What a great win for your book club. Happy reading

  11. I picked up The Rathbones recently. I haven't read it yet, but it's definitely one that has me intrigued.

    And I actually read Telegraph Avenue recently, but wasn't a huge fan of it. Hopefully it's one that you enjoy more than I did.

  12. Hi Elizabeth,

    I do hope that the news on your Mother is encouraging. I shall be thinking of you all at this time.

    The most books I have received in one bundle, is four, so well done on such a great haul of titles.

    I know that if I start checking them out individually, I shall be adding quite a high percentage to my wishlist, which I just can't afford to do.

    I have however, added the one which Vicki selected as a 'Books That Caught Our Eye' post, today ...

    'The Round House' has such an intriguing storyline and is unlike anything I have read before, so who could resist? ...

    Take Care,