Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Worst/Weirdest Question

Atria Authors were asked...

What was the worst/weirdest question ever asked

of you in an interview?

John Connolly: If I missed driving an ambulance in New York, which I kind of did because I’ve never driven an ambulance in New York.

Abbi Glines:  ”What do my kids think about me writing sex scenes in my books?” Um… they’re kids. They don’t think anything about it.

William Kent Krueger: Whether I wore boxers or briefs.  (What the hell does that have to do with my work?)

John Lescroart: In Houston, TX (the city of my birth, no less), I was on a TV program promoting “Guilt” and the host came on and started off with, “So, John, Guilt.  Is this your first book?”  And I answered him, “No, it’s my eighth.  Is this your first interview?”

Liza Marklund: “How do you sit when you pee?” It’s true. I was actually asked that.“This interview is now over”, was my answer.

Spencer Quinn: The question isn’t really bad or weird, just unanswerable, at least by me: “Where do you get your ideas?”

K.A. Robinson: What color underwear I was wearing at the time. Editor note: well? what color was it?!

M.J. RoseHow do you get your ideas?


  1. Some of these are quite funny.

    Thanks for stopping.

  2. Obviously, these people have never been interviewed by junior high school students, or else the question about how she sits to pee would've been only one of many like that......

  3. Oh my, Lisa. LOL!!

    Thanks for stopping.

  4. These remind me of children's questions to visitors when they come to school. Also invariably they get asked how much money they make!

  5. Oh my god, those really are weird questions! And the guy's right, some of these questions are irritating (i.e. the interview on the first/eighth book) and that of the color of their lingerie...I mean seriously.

  6. I wonder if coloured underwear would make me a better blogger?! What a great list.

  7. The peeing question killed me… seriously, what would have ever prompted that question?

  8. THANKS for stopping everyone.

    My mom is still in the hospital so I will be in and out.

  9. How does someone even come up with a question how one sits while peeing?!?

    This must be the reason I totally fail to come up with interview questions. They are all to weird ;)

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Ha Ha this is seriously funny. and good if they come up with a witty answer, but some of the questions are, well, simply unanswerable or plain rude. Unless you are being examined by a urologist no-should should ask you how you pee!

  11. Forgot to say… hope your mum is ok, and get well soon to her.

  12. Hi Elizabeth,

    I hope that the news about your mother is a little more encouraging today.

    Thinking of you all at this time and Take Care,


  13. Thanks for stopping everyone.

    Mom is still in ICU and we are dealing with a great deal of stress.

    I will be in and out.