Friday, March 14, 2014

Book Blogger Hop - 3/14 - 3/20

 Question of the Week:

What is the most creative thing you have ever done with a book?

My Answer:

Oh my...I am not sure how to answer this question.  I am not very creative.  :)

I am guessing you mean when you posted a review?  

I imagine the most creative thing I have ever done was to add a video to the review.

I know, not too creative.   I told you!!!  :)

I want to see how others answer.  That will be so fun.


  1. Hahaha that is a strange question. I was thinking, the most creative thing I have done with a book is read.

  2. I'm with Wall-to-Wall - my first thought was read it! lol

  3. I'm not the most creative person either with books, but here goes my answer to your question.

    I'm a very active member of So, I've managed to pass along several books to others in unique ways... Like wild releasing books in a public spot, (ie train stations, on trains, at parks, the beach, in front of monuments/statues, museums and soon on) hoping another person will find the book & not only read it but also visit the Bookcrossing website and become a member (BTW,it's free to join Bookcrossing).

    Then after the person has read the book, I hope they type in the book's unique ID Number onto the Bookcrossing website and tell me they have found the book I've released and what they thought of the book!! I've other people find books I've wild released in public and it's always fun to read about how a person has discovered the book, what they thought of it, and what they plan to do with it after they've finished reading it.

    I've also send books I've registered on Bookcrossing to other Bookcrossers worldwide and have even sent books to Australia, Argentina, Europe & even Asia. In turn these readers have passed the book I've sent them along to other readers. It's always fun to see where the books I've registered on Bookcrossing have travel to and what people thing of the book once they've read... Like did they like the book as much as I did and so on.

    Lastly, I exchange audiobooks with other Bookcrossers here in the USA. I'm an audiobook addict!! I think I've listened to more audiobooks this year than read books... Anyway, again it's fun to see where my audiobooks travel and what other readers think of the audiobooks as well. :-)

  4. Sorry about my typos in my last entry.

  5. I wonder if it means the actual book. I once used my favorite part of an encyclopedia and pasted it to an old bedside table (decoupage)- it turned out pretty good after varnishing and I can re-read the pages whenever I want.

  6. I've used books for a table centerpiece. Also, my daughter tore up an old book and made pinwheel bookmarks out of it. Then she made a table runner with some of the pages. We found the instructions on Pinterest.

  7. I love to alter books, What you do is rip out pages and paint or decorate them with decoupage, or lovely fibers, sew a few pages together. I don't use a valuable book, it's usually a Readers Digest, with a title on the spine of a fav author, keep some interesting pages remove others. I kinda want to leave some of these on the shelf, so when my kids put me in a home they'll have plenty of reason to say their mother has lost "it". from pinterest I'd post a photo of my creations,but they are presently packed.

  8. I haven't done anything creative with a book either Elizabeth. But I have been hearing some pretty cool stuff being done with books. I just don't have the vision =/.
    Stop by and visit me if you like =D