Friday, March 21, 2014

Guest Post with Brenda of Daily Mayo

Daily Mayo

I am pleased to have Brenda as a guest on my blog today.  Brenda is here to share some of her tips for organizing your book collection.

Brenda has some good ideas.  Some may even be what you use for your organization.

Let's welcome Brenda the Writer, Blogger, Editor, and Book Lover.

Hello readers of Silver’s Reviews. I am Brenda from Daily Mayo, and I love books as much as any other book-fiend out there.

While I do enjoy the convenience of e-books, I will always love print books the best. Consequently, my house is absolutely full of books. I have books on a bookshelf, stacked on top of the bookshelf, on my desk, under the bed in boxes, in my closet, and on nearly every flat surface in my house. There are not enough shelves in the world to contain all my books.

Because I have so many books in so many different areas of my house, sometimes I forget what I own. I have actually purchased the same book on multiple occasions because I forgot if I actually bought it or borrowed it from the library.

As a book reviewer, it is particularly important that I keep my books organized, but any book owner can benefit from an organized book space.

Here are some tricks I have found to keep track of the books I own:

Organize by Genre


This form of sorting is helpful when you have to store your books all around the house like I do. You could stash romance reads under the bed and science fiction on the bookshelf. Children’s books could go in cubbies, and non-fiction could get stored in the closet.

Organize by Author/Alphabet


You can organize books library-style by author or alphabet. This can work if you have a lot of books by the same authors, but if your book collection is more eclectic like mine, it may not be the best organization system.

Make a Spreadsheet List

When you can’t organize in person, a virtual organization system is extremely helpful. List all the books you own with sections for author, publisher, title, genre, rating, and other pertinent details you want to remember about the book. If you review books on a blog, making a list of books you reviewed and where the review is located is also helpful.   

Make a list of all new book purchases as you buy them to cut down on organizing time. If your book collection is extensive, this virtual list can take some time, but when it is finished, you have the handy ability to sort your list into a variety of categories, which is extremely helpful.

Using something like Goodreads or Shelfari can also help you maintain a virtual list of your books.

Maximize Storage Space

A single row of books on each shelf does not begin to be enough space for my book collection. Most of my shelves are stacked with 2-3 rows of books. I usually try to place books by the same author behind the books in the front row so that I don’t forget about an author. You can do this with any storage system. I have a vintage luggage trunk filled with books and movies below my TV organized in a similar fashion.

Brenda even suggests using books for decorating.  

Great idea.

Brenda has some clever ideas.

One idea that caught my eye was to store "romance" under the bed.  :) 

How do you organize your books?


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I love to connect with other book-lovers on the web!


  1. I hope you take the time to visit Brenda's blog.

    THANKS for stopping by.

  2. Great tips for those who like to maintain a library of their books.I did a big purge last year and bought a smaller book case for the ones that I'm likely to read again.

  3. I enjoyed her tips too.

    I need to do a purge. :) So difficult to give books away. :)

    THANKS for stopping, Cozy in Texas.

  4. I tend to organize my books by genre. And every so often I purge those books I've read but thought to be just meh or DNF. Thanks for this guest post, Brenda!

  5. Genre is a great way to organize, Laura.

    I organize shelves by read and to be read. Nothing exciting. :)

  6. I'm terrible about keeping my books organized. I tried once and they are somewhat organized by genre but then I added quite a few more books and they are all wherever they fit. I do make sure, though, that I keep the review books separate and very handy.

  7. Thank you for visting my blog! It's a nice surprise that someone new has visited my blog. Finding this article as I return your comment, is a pleasure because I love nothing better than discussing real books in our lives. I should show you a few articles, including how many and where I put *mine*, that your readers would get a kick out of.

    You mentioned stressing over challenges. I run 3 of my own, newly-launched last month. I created them because I tired of picky rules. Example: I repeat colour titles, invite all mystery, and made a place for all paranormal / mystical under the sun... that for once, isn't about vampires! Wrap-up posts are discouraged because I like guests to hang out all year and try the contests! Also, the reviews my guests leave won't fizzle in 2015 but are being made into a database. :) Carolyn

  8. cmriedel.....thanks for stopping back.

    Great on your challenges. I really don't like to do them. :)

    ENJOY your day.

  9. Lisa....very important to keep the review books handy.

    I do keep my review books sideways on my bottom shelf. :) I also have a spreadsheet with them on and keep them in some order on my It's Monday! What are You Reading post.

    THANKS so much for stopping.

  10. I'm glad everyone found my tips useful! Organizing definitely a work-in-progress for me. I find it nearly impossible to purge books, as well. It just seems like such a shame! Even if I didn't care for the book that much... :-)

  11. Thanks for stopping, Brenda.

    Your tips are very helpful. Thanks for letting me post your tips.

  12. Oh! So many of these tips are handy! I use the poo out of Goodreads (and I use books to decorate)... double stacking is a MUST!

    Thanks for linking up!

  13. Decorating with books seems fun.

    I will have to give that a try.

    THANKS for stopping, April.