Friday, May 23, 2014

Book Blogger Hop - 5/23 - 5/29

 Question of the Week:

Did you ever make a HUGE mistake when you posted a review? For Example: Did you have the correct book title, but the wrong author in the blog post title? If so, how long until you found your mistake?

My Answer:

Well...since it is my question, you know that it happened to me.  :)  :)

I forget which book it was, but I had the correct title of the book but the incorrect author.  :)

It took me about an hour or more to realize what I had done.  I guess being in a hurry causes mistakes.  :)

I am not sure how I even realized it, but I am glad I did.

Anything similar happen to you?


  1. I've made some errors for sure, such as forgetting to add social media links to the post or captions on photo's etc luckily I've realised early and changed the post.

  2. I spelled an author's name wrong once. It's a common name with a different spelling and it took me a day or two to realize what I'd done.

  3. It is easy to make a mistake. I check two or three times now before I post.

    THANKS for stopping, Kathy and Sharon.

  4. those type of things happen to me as well. I don't sweat it as i blog for my enjoyment, not as a paid job.

  5. I once wrote the wrong author name, mixing up two similar authors. A customer on Amazon chided me for it, so I changed it, of course!

    That is the only time I can recall that I didn't catch it in time...turning red here!

  6. Ohmigosh, just last week I posted a review and used the wrong last name for one of the characters. The author commented with the correct one. He was cool about it, but...OUCH! *faint*

  7. Definitely an easy mistake to make. Glad you were able to catch it. I have had mistakes in posts, too.

    My Book Blogger Hop post is added to the inlinkz. :)

  8. THANKS for stopping, Brooke.

    I guess we all make mistakes.

  9. I agree about not being a paid job, but I like to be sure things are correct.

    THANKS for stopping, Heather.

  10. Laurel...that is the same thing I did.

    I had the wrong author. Not good. :)

    THANKS for stopping. Luckily I found it before anyone else did. :)

  11. Wow on the author commenting. Glad all was good.

    Things happen to all of us. :)

    THANKS for stopping, LuAnn.