Monday, May 12, 2014

Giveaway of THE COLLINI CASE by Ferdinand von Schirach

Now available in paperback and a giveaway courtesy of Christopher Smith of Penguin Group


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#4 - Mike


The Collini Case by Ferdinand von Schirach
This international bestseller was a finalist for the 2013 Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Mysteries/Thrillers and named one of Wall Street Journal’s 10 Best Mysteries of 2013.

In this relentless legal thriller, Caspar Leinen, a barely qualified lawyer, is assigned to the defense of a recently retired Mercedes Benz worker, Fabrizo Collini, who admits to the brutal murder of a prominent industrialist but won’t say why he did it. 

With the case accumulating notoriety and Leinen’s career clearly at stake, the young lawyer makes a staggering discovery that could not only acquit Collini, but also unmask a terrible secret at the heart of the German justice system. Leinen, however, swiftly realizes the dire implications of his discovery—should he go public with his knowledge, he’ll betray a lifelong friend; should he not, Collini will spend the rest of his life in prison.”



“A miracle of purpose and precision.”

The Financial Times

“The pleasures of the book are its particulars: of the law and how it is practiced in Germany, the anecdotes that give agency and motive to the characters, fascinating tidbits about detonators, the description of an autopsy…this book works magic.”


Ferdinand von Schirach's The Collini Case takes off running and, without manipulation or stunts other than a brilliantly orchestrated plot, proceeds to tell a whopper of a tale…smart, clean and clearly thought-out…As a compassionate, smart and sensitive hero, Leinen is irresistible… perfectly constructed.”

Shelf Awareness

“Von Schirach uses his own expertise as a defense lawyer to pen a novel that raises awareness of violent cruelty and what one would go through for retribution and just law. Powerfully written, this novel’s conclusion left me spellbound.”

Suspense Magazine

“The author’s unique perspective and experiences as a defense attorney [give] credibility…to this novel…the way that [Caspar Leinen] digs for facts—and his eventual discoveries, which back through his personal past and extend to the Holocaust—animate what is a tight-lipped but involving mystery.”

“Sly, trenchant and provocative.”
The Guardian

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