Thursday, May 1, 2014

International Giveaway of THE GREAT BROWNIE TASTE-OFF



The Great Brownie Taste-Off:   

The Yolanda's Yummery Series (Book 1)

Enter here to see what is going to happen and to get the winning brownie recipe. 

Contest has ended
#4 - Ruthie is the winner


This contemporary romance will be available on May 1, 2014, at all online bookstores.

Do you like your romance sweet...and heavy on the chocolate? 

The Great Brownie Taste-off is the first book in the Yolanda's Yummery series. Yolanda Carter is a self-taught baker who dreams of owning her own bakery, a/k/a yummery. Employed at a small cat shelter, she stumbles across a scheme that threatens all the employees and cats. Will her magical brownies save them? 

Yolanda Carter comes from a family of artisans and lives in her deceased grandparent's cottage in Sherman Oaks, California. She works at a small cat shelter but dreams of owning a bakery. Her friend from high school, Teagan Mishkin, knows that Yolanda needs money and suggests better paying work as a cocktail waitress. The interview takes an unexpected turn and she stumbles across a scheme to close down the cat shelter.

The plan Yolanda concocts may be the only way to save the shelter. Helped by her parents, coworkers and friends, a rising young blogger also takes an interest in her plight. Will she bake the best brownies of her life?

So...are you going to enter to find out the winning recipe or always 
wonder what the recipe includes that makes it special?
I hope you choose to enter the 


  1. Dear Elizabeth,
    Thank you so much for offering this giveaway! :)
    All the best,

  2. Romance and chocolate--for what more could a gal ask!

  3. I agree, Ruth.

    THANKS for stopping.

  4. I guess Ruthi will soon be baking brownies! Thanks a lot, Elizabeth!

  5. I hope you share, Ruthie. :)