Friday, August 1, 2014

Book Blogger Hop - 8/1 - 8/7

 Question of the Week:

How many bookcases do you have, and how do you organize the shelves?

My Answer:

I have five bookcases in different rooms throughout the house.

I have my shelves organized according to what has been read and what I want to keep, what needs to be read for review, what can be read at any time, and also according to what I received at the BEA.

How are your bookshelves organized, and how many bookshelves do you have?


  1. We have way too many count, our house is full of books, not only are we massive lovers of real printed books we also sell books through our online store and yes everything is stored at home. We have books all over the place lol x

  2. I don't want to admit how many bookcases we have - they're not all mine though! My books are organized alphabetically by the author's last name.

  3. Just a couple. Most of my books are stacked in a spare closet, laying around the house, and on my kindle.

  4. You seem very well organised, I envy you.

  5. Hi, you're bookcases sound like they're very well organised. My post for this week is here:

  6. We have seven shelves and I organize by author.

    My answer is here:

  7. Sounds like you're very well organized! I don't have as many bookshelves as I probably need but I have plans to turn one of the kid's rooms into a library!

  8. Nice you sell books as well, Sharon.

    Books, books, everywhere, huh?

    THANKS for stopping, Sharon.

  9. So you have a lot of bookcases too, Kathy?

    I must be in the minority with only five. :)

    THANKS for stopping, Kathy.

  10. Only two is good, JoyAnne.

    I used to have two, but then the books started to take over and I had to get more. My father actually built me one a long time ago, and that is the one I first used.

    THANKS for stopping, JoyAnne.

  11. Thanks, Teresa B.

    I am very organized. Business teacher syndrome and curse. :)

    THANKS for stopping, Teresa B.

  12. Thanks for stopping, Samantha.

    I have to organize that way just to keep track of everything. :)

  13. bookcases. I just can't organize by author. I have to organize by read, not read, etc. :)

    As I said before, I am in the minority with only five.

    I would love to have a huge room with every wall filled from floor to ceiling with books.

    THANKS for stopping, Michelle F.

  14. That is a great idea to turn one of the empty kid's rooms into a library. have me thinking now, Katherine.

    THANKS for stopping, Katherine.