Friday, August 8, 2014

Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun - 8/8/14

Feeling Beachie
Love this meme....I hope you can join in the fun.

Each week, Feeling Beachie lists four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. 

The statements:

  1. ___ is ___
  2. I am much better at ___ than ____
  3. In the winter I will ___ because____
  4. Growing up I ate ____ but as a adult I eat ____
    My Answers:

    1.  What you see when you read my reviews is what you need to get an idea about the book.
    2.  I am much better at typing than handwriting.
    3.  In the winter I will walk on the treadmill at the gym because it is too snowy and cold to walk outside. 
    4.  Growing up I ate pasta with homemade sauce but as an adult I still eat pasta with homemade sauce just because I love it.     


    1. Can't take the love of pasta and sauce from an Italian. :)

      Thanks for stopping.

    2. I am much better at typing than writing too. I hate my handwriting. I do the same thing in the winter.

      Have a great weekend!

    3. I am partial to typing since I taught typing. :)

      It is so much easier and quicker. My fingers go numb when I am writing. :)

      THANKS for stopping, Yvonne.

    4. I prefer to write long hand rather than type.

    5. Thanks for stopping, retired not tired.

      It takes too long for me to handwrite and my wrist hurts after too long. :)

      You must have nice handwriting. Mine is awful.

    6. I like handwriting, but have gotten used to typing, too. I like walking with my Sheltie, Stella. I just got a bike, too. I have no one to ride with, though.

    7. Happy Friday, Elizabeth! I enjoyed your Friday Fill-ins.

    8. Why thank you, Suko.

      This week's sentences were a bit tricky, but that is good. Makes you think. :)

      THANKS for stopping.

    9. I haven't ridden a bike for ages.

      I do like typing better. :)

      THANKS so much for stopping, McGuffy Ann Morris.

    10. I just love pasta -- I will eat ANY kind of pasta. it's funny, because my mom tells me when she was pregnant with me, pasta is all she could manage to eat without being sick.
      My handwriting is absolutely atrocious. my former school teachers would be appalled at how bad it is now. But, I can type well over 100 words a minute! So, it's a trade off I guess.

    11. I like walking in the cold if it isn't raining. It doesn't snow here...if it does nobody goes anywhere.

    12. Great answers : ) I would say that my handwriting is better than my typing! Homemade pasta sauce is always far better then shop brought - Have a lovely weekend x

    13. Rachael - thanks for stopping.

      I love my homemade sauce. I thought what made it good was all the garlic I put, but I think it is the fresh basil.

      Have a great rest of your Sunday.

    14. Where do you live that it gets cold and it doesn't snow? I want to move there. :)

      I actually hate the cold, but cold without snow would be better.

      THANKS for stopping, Patricia.

    15. Great on 100 words per minute.

      Anyone who can type properly is music to this retired typing teacher's ears. :) I hate when I see people "hunting and pecking."

      That is funny about pasta. :)

      THANKS for stopping, Rory Bore.

    16. I love homemade sauce, Hilary.

      Thanks for stopping.