Friday, September 5, 2014

Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun - 9/5/14

Feeling Beachie

Love this meme....I hope you can join in the fun.

Each week, Feeling Beachie lists four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. 

The statements:

  1. If___ then___
  2. ___ reminds me of ___
  3. I think of _____________ when I ____________
  4. _________ is the most special thing ________ has given me

My Answers:

1. If I take time for myself, then my days are much easier to get through.

2.  Watermelon always reminds me of summer even though I love to eat watermelon all year.

3.  I think of my son when I go into his empty room and more so after he has visited.

4.  Compassion and organization is the most special thing God has given me.



  1. I agree taking time out for one's own self is important.
    Watermelon is a summer fruit but we don't get along very well so I never eat it.
    Sure wish God would give me Organization as a gift. I'm so not organized.

  2. Thanks for stopping, Ida.

    I LOVE watermelon. I can eat an entire half myself.

    I am very trait as well as my business degree. :)

    Have a great weekend, Ida.

  3. Watermelon is a favourite with my grandchildren.

  4. Time for yourself is always important. Most of my "me time" is with a baby in my lap or in the break area at work. But they grow so fast that I will miss the baby repeatedly kicking the space bar as I type (right now lol)

  5. Oh, I can so relate to the third one. Our daughter is in college over 2,000 miles away. We won't see her until December. It feels so odd to take something into her room - even though a lot of her things are still there, it feels so empty.

  6. Elizabeth, I enjoyed reading your Friday Fill-ins. Have a nice weekend.

  7. I love watermelon.

    I actually ate half of one this evening. It is so hot and muggy here. I figured that would be my excuse. :)

    Thanks for stopping, retire not tired.

  8. Enjoy your baby even if he/she kicks the spacebar. Great your "me" time is with your baby.

    They grow up too fast.

    Thanks for stopping, Lissa.

  9. I is so sad and feels so empty to see where they were for so long and now only home for a little bit.

    You still have some time. My son is out of college and working so he only comes home every few months.

    Thanks for stopping, Lark.

  10. I think one of the most important things we can do for ourselves, and for those in our life, is to take time to just be quiet and alone.

  11. I think one of the most important things we can do for ourselves, and for those in our life, is to take time to just be quiet and alone.

  12. Thanks, Suko.

    Thanks for stopping.

  13. So true, Patricia.

    Thanks for sharing your comments and for stopping by.

  14. Number one is so important but easier said than done

  15. Exactly...very hard to do.

    Thanks for stopping, Hilary.

  16. Great answers! I always think of summer when I have watermelon.

  17. I LOVE watermelon. :)

    I only got one bad one this summer.

    My sister told me to knock on it, and if it sounds like you are knocking on a hollow door, it is good. Also a yellow bottom.

    That has worked for 98% of the ones I bought this year.

    Thanks for stopping, Yvonne.

  18. I love watermelon too! I check it by seeing if it has a yellow bottom.

    It is hard when your kids move out and then when they visit they leave again. Luckily my youngest son still lives with us and my daughter is only about 7 min. away. My oldest son lives farther though.

  19. Great to see another watermelon lover. :)

    Yes...difficult when they leave.

    Great your daughter lives close.

    Thanks for stopping, Vicki.

  20. These are wonderful and thoughtful answers. Hug.

  21. Simply wonderful thoughts for Friday Fill Ins!

  22. Watermelon - yes! Not that I love it that much, but it does remind me of summer

  23. Thanks, McGuffy.

    Thanks for stopping.

  24. Thank you, Electra.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  25. Oh....I love watermelon. :)

    The season is about over.

    Thanks for stopping, Claudia.