Friday, November 28, 2014

Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun - 11/28/14

Feeling Beachie

Love this meme....I hope you can join in the fun.  

Each week, Feeling Beachie lists four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs.  

The statements:
  1. Can you really____if you don't_____
  2. What are your thoughts about______
  3. Would you_____ if you could?
  4. Do you listen to____ or _____?

My Answers:

1.  Can you really be wealthy if you don't have a lot of money?  

2.  What are your thoughts about books that have a lot of characters to keep track of?

3.  Would you change how old you are if you could?

4.  Do you listen to books on tape or only read books? 


  1. Sometimes I'd like to go back to a different age, but only if I could go with the knowledge I have now and still be living in L.A.! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend! :)

  2. I tried to listen to a book on tape, but just didn't care for it. I would rather just read one!

  3. Totally agree, Jennifer.

    If I could have what I have now knowledge wise, I would like to be 40 again. :) :)

    Thanks for stopping, Jennifer.

  4. I prefer books too, Jodi.

    Thanks for stopping.

  5. I like my age right now. Old enough to get away a lot and young enough to still get down on my knees for my grandchildren

  6. I've never listened to a book on tape. Have occasionally tried but it's not my thing. I prefer to read for myself and give the characters my own voices. :)
    And yes, I think you can be wealthy without money, it's just a different type of wealth.

  7. I didn't realize we had the same #4 ;)
    As for the age thing, well, I wouldn't mind 10 years or so, because then I would definitely try for kids one more time...

  8. I think you can be wealthy without a lot of money just as you can be poor if your bank account is bursting