Friday, August 19, 2016

Book Blogger Hop - 8/19 - 8/25

 Question of the Week:

Do you read via eBook and if so which one/ones and why? (submitted by Teri)

My Answer:

I read e-books only if I have to.  :)
I prefer print simply because I tend to forget about the e-books.
If I do read an e-book, I read it on my iPad.  


  1. I read e-books every once in a while - I think they're great for travel - however I much prefer to read a physical book and the bulk of my reading is in that format. Preferably paperback too.

  2. I read ebooks a lot because of NetGalley and they're convenient if I'm going to be traveling or stuck somewhere for awhile and don't know how many books I will need. I do find it easier to read on my Paperwhite than my tablet though.

  3. I love to read on my Kindle or iPad. Love being able to adjust the font size :) That said, I bet my review copy reading is fairly evenly split between print and ebook.

  4. Elizabeth, I prefer print books, too, and am not a big ebook reader. That being said, though, I sometimes enjoy reading on my iPhone via the Kindle app. I read some short stories recently on my phone and I loved reading in this manner, to my surprise.

  5. I do miss the smell and feel of a good book. When I get back from China in Oct I will read some real books I have waiting for me.
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  6. I am definitely a PASSIONATE fan of printed books! As you know I just TOLERATE ebooks. Lol. I do have some on my Android phone's Kindle app, but will never love them as much as I do the REAL thing!

    I'm glad that you, too, prefer printed books! Have a GREAT week!! :)