Monday, October 31, 2016

Mailbox Monday - 10/31/16

Mailbox Monday is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week.

Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles, and humongous wish lists!

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THANKS to everyone for keeping Mailbox Monday alive.
I hope you had a good mailbox.

The empty mailbox streak has been broken.  :)

On Monday, October 24, I received:

1.   A SIMPLE FAVOR by Darcey Bell, courtesy of Jennifer Murphy of Harper Collins.



  1. Happy Mailbox Monday!!

    I hope you had a good mailbox last week.

    Thanks for stopping.

  2. I miss seeing your blog. Glad to see you on G+.

    1. Thanks for stopping, Tea Norman.

      Hope to see you again.

  3. Replies
    1. I have started it, and am loving it.

      A psychological thriller that has a unique style. Author debut.

      Thanks for stopping, Mary.

  4. Replies
    1. It is very good.

      I am half way through it.

      Thanks for stopping, Kathy.

  5. I'm curious about A Simple Favor. I have a feeling that whatever it is turns out not to be so simple.

    Enjoy! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. The book is GOOD. are correct. The favor is NOT a simple one. :)

      Thanks for stopping, Laurel.

  6. This might be the book to get me back into a mystery.

    1. I hope you get to read it, Vicki.

      It is quite good.

      Thanks for stopping, Vicki.

  7. Hi Elizabeth,

    At the risk of repeating what everyone else has already said, this one does sound so good and you know how much I enjoy a good psychological thriller.

    There seems to be an endless supply of new authors entering the genre and they are just all so good at what they do!

    'A Simple Favor' is definitely heading for my 'Want To Read' list, so thanks for sharing and have a good week :)


    1. Oh yes...if it's good, it's good...we are allowed to keep saying that. LOL!!

      I think you would love it, Yvonne.

      Thanks for stopping, Yvonne.

  8. I went to read the summary of A Simple Favor and it sure sounds interesting! My kind of thriller. I hope you enjoy it. Happy reading!

    1. It is a thriller with the mother who disappeared being quite evil and cunning.

      ENJOY if you read it.

      Thanks for stopping, Kay.

  9. Replies
    1. If you like thrillers, you will enjoy the book.

      Thanks for stopping, Leslie.

  10. Replies
    1. Oh...I really enjoyed the book. I finished yesterday.

      It was a great debut.

      Thanks for stopping, Lori.