Friday, November 18, 2016

Friendly Fill-Ins - 11/18/16

Friday Fill-Ins:

1. One Thanksgiving tradition I have is ___.

2. Black Friday______.

3.  The best part about Thanksgiving Day is          .
4.  One Thanksgiving,              .
My Answers:

1. One Thanksgiving tradition I have is to have everything ready by 2 p.m.

2.  Black Friday is something I do not do.

3.  The best part about Thanksgiving Day is having my son home.

4.  One Thanksgiving,  we went on a boat for dinner but made a Thanksgiving dinner the next day.  We missed our leftovers.  


  1. I hope everyone is having a good Friday.

    Thanks for stopping.

  2. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I am glad you will have your son home for the holiday. Have a nice weekend!

    1. It is always nice to have him home or be with him.

      He lives six hours away.

      Thanks for stopping, Ellen,

  3. My granny usually had everything ready by 2pm, too. I was ready for it no matter what time she had it ready. :)

    I don't deal with Black Friday, either. The crowds, the chaos, it is all just too much.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your son. Our daughters will be here and that is great, but we all sure miss Davey(our Marine) very much.

    I don't blame you for having Thanksgiving, Part 2. I would have missed the leftovers, too. :)

    Have a blessed weekend and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. That is funny about your granny having things ready by 2 also. :)

      Oh yes...I miss cooking when I don't do it at home.

      You have a wonderful Thanksgiving too, and thanks for stopping, Suzanne.

  4. What is Thanksgiving without the leftovers? That's part of the fun. A big turkey sandwich is a Thanksgiving gotta have. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Oh yes....and YUMMY on the turkey sandwich with mayo. :)

      Thanks for stopping, David.

  5. We always had our dinner by 3:00, back in the days when we had many people over. Now, it is more casual with just the two of us. Bill will be home this year, so I am very thankful!
    Happy Thanksgiving! Annie at ~McGuffy's Reader~

    1. Ours is downsized too.

      Always great to have a loved one home.

      I am at my son's, and then we are driving to my sister's house from here.

      Thanks for stopping, Annie.

  6. I think it's fun to break the traditions every couple of years. A boat trip sounds fun, but it would probably be too cold up here for that. I'd just have to take a cruise! :)

    1. We thankfully had beautiful weather, and the boat was covered.

      It was fun.

      Thanks for stopping, Rory.