Friday, March 3, 2017

Friendly Fill-Ins - 3/3/2017
Friday Fill-Ins:

1. My favorite herb or spice is ___.
2. An herb/spice I dislike is _____.

3. Lately, I have been working on  .

4. This Winter was____.

My Answers:

1.  My favorite herb or spice is garlic pepper and definitely freshly chopped garlic.  I LOVE my fresh basil too.

2.  An herb/spice I dislike is rosemary.

3.  Lately, I have been working on trying new recipes.

4.  This Winter was extra mild - loved it.


  1. Can't wait for warm weather to start my basil plants. :)

    Thanks for stopping everyone.

  2. We grow rosemary, too. I like all of the herbs, depending upon how I use them. That is the trick! I hope Summer is as mild as Winter was. HUGS!

    P.S. Are you familiar with the new http vs https? I had to update my blog settings. I suddenly cannot comment on someone's blog. The comment box code says it is not a secure blog. I trust her, but cannot comment, now. Sad.

    1. I just don't like the taste of Rosemary. :)

      I know what http and https are, but didn't know about not being able to comment. I haven't run into that problem.

      Thanks for stopping, Annie.

  3. Garlic is great and I love pepper, too, especially freshly ground black pepper.

    Here's hoping for a mild summer to go along with that mild winter. :)

    Have a blessed weekend!

    1. I am hoping for a great summer too. :)

      Thanks for stopping, Suzanne.

  4. We eat as much garlic as we can. It is supposedly good for you. Have a great weekend.

    1. I LOVE GARLIC!!

      It is good for you. :)

      Thanks for stopping, David.

  5. Garlic and fresh basil are favorites of mine, too!

    Trying new recipes is fun! Enjoy! :) Have a great weekend!

    Friendly Fill-Ins While Celebrating the Small Things to make Friday Fun!

    1. Great to hear about another garlic lover. :)

      And I figured out basil is what makes my sauce taste amazing. :)

      Thanks for stopping, Stacy Uncorked.