Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Month of Faves - 12/5/2018

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It's DAY #2 - December 5
WED. | Dec. 5 – #AMonthofFaves Popular Books Worth the Hype (and/or Not Worth the Hype)
I am a positive person and am going to list books that were worth the hype:

1.  OUR HOUSE by Louise Candlish was very good.  I gasped at the last line.

2.  THE OTHER WOMAN was good - I liked the surprises but also wanted to jump into the book and shake Emily. 

3.   LIES by T. M. Logan was definitely a summer MUST read.

4.  THE LIES WE TOLD by Camilla Way draws you in and doesn't let you go until you turn the last page.

5.  SOLD ON A MONDAY by Kristina McMorris.  A heartwarming but heartbreaking book.
I listed books that had a lot of HYPE for months.  :)

I am sure there are many others, but those are ones that came to mind first.
I am NOT going to exclude these authors, though.

Any book by Fiona Davis, Pam Jenoff, The Three W's whether together or alone, Charles Belfoure, Camille Di Maio, Barbara Davis, Renee Rosen, David R. Gillham, Patricia Sands, and Ronald H. Balson are WORTH every bit of hype if any was made.


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