Friday, March 20, 2020

Friendly Fill-ins - 3/20/2020


1. Lately, I have done a lot of _____.
2. My _____are________.
3. I can't help but ______.
4. When I meet a stranger, I _______.


1.  Lately, I have done a lot of hoping that this horrible virus will turn people into kinder and more helpful individuals and that we all stay as healthy as we can.

2.  My books and my cooking are keeping me sane during this pandemic.

3.  I can't help but to feel grateful that we have wonderful, amazing medical personnel, firefighters, emergency responders, police, and all who are risking their own health and lives to help those who are sick and need of help.  THANK YOU!!

4.  When I meet a stranger, I look for a book on their person or ask if they read.


  1. Great answers. Stay healthy and safe during this crisis!!

  2. I'm praying that this virus is over soon. It feels like I'm in a scary movie.

    I'm on my computer, playing games on my phone, or watching tv/movies to keep me occupied. And cooking when I have to :)

    I've been off work the last two days but go back tommorow. I work in a rehab center/nursing home and it can't close so I'm going to work and then home. No stores ect. for me, my son brings me anything I need.

    Whenever I see a person with a book I try to see what the title is. I have asked what it was a few times if I couldn't see it.

    Stay safe!

    1. You stay safe too.

      I do the same when I see someone with a book...I always ask if I can't see. :)

      Thanks for your comment, Vicki.

  3. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I was thinking one good thing from the awful virus is families will get closer because usually everyone is on the go with activities. Stay healthy! XO

    1. Yes...hoping something good comes of this.

      Thanks for your comment, Ellen.