Friday, March 27, 2015

Book Beginnings - 3/27/15

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Same book as last week...didn't get too much reading done this week.

Also...a review and giveaway of Whisper Hollow at this link.

This week's book beginnings comes from ONE MILE UNDER by Andrew Gross.

"Dani Whalen noticed the first slivers of whitewater ahead on the Roaring Fork River, the current picking up.  "Okay," she called out to the eight people in helmets and life vests aboard her raft, "it's been pretty much of a nature hike so far."

I have read a few books by this author and have enjoyed them.

I am only on Page 100...not a bad read especially if you are interested in white water rafting.

Two books I finished and wanted to share this week are below.  Reviews are in the book's title. 


I loved this book.  

It is the second book in the series.  I didn't read the first book, but I had no trouble following the storyline.

THE POCKET WIFE by Susan Crawford.

A psychological thriller that kept me guessing until the end.
What are you reading?

Book Blogger Hop - 3/27 - 4/2

 Question of the Week:

Which books have you read in the past month that still have you thinking back to the storyline and the characters? 

My Answer:
A few of these books were read in February.

Night, Night Sleep Tight by Hallie Ephron was a book that was non-stop suspense.

The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford was a good read too.  It was a psychological thriller. 

A Memory of Violets by Hazel Gaynor is wonderful.

The Reluctant Midwife by Patricia Harman is very heartwarming and homey.

Whisper Hollow by Chris Cander was a great historical fiction with strong female characters.

Reviews are in the titles.

What about your books?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Whisper Hollow Review and Giveaway

About Whisper Hollow

WHISPER HOLLOW is an evocative portrait of life in a small West Virginia mining town redolent with secrets and desires that are at odds with the looming shadow of moral standards.  

Spanning fifty years, WHISPER HOLLOW explores the irrevocably intertwined lives of three memorable women, and what happens when they’re forced to excavate deeply personal unspoken truths.   
About the Author 
Chris Cander is a novelist, children’s book author, freelance writer, and teacher for Houston-based Writers in the Schools. Her novel 11 Stories, published by a small press in Houston, was included in Kirkus’s best indie general fiction of 2013.

Chris received the 2014 IPPY award for her novel 11 Stories, and was a featured speaker at World Book Night 2014 at Brazos Bookstore in Houston.  The publication of WHISPER HOLLOW heralds the arrival of this exciting new female voice into the literary mainstream.

My Review 

WHISPER HOLLOW whispered nothing but sadness, loneliness, ​secrets, ​and isolation.

Myrthen's isolation and sadness began after the death of her twin sister and then her marriage.  Alta's sadness began ​upon her marriage to the man she didn't love or have anything in common with.

Both women have desires that break rules and traditions.  Myrthen and Alta are traditional on the outside, but on the inside are very strong women with very strong convictions. Tragedy brings these two women farther apart instead of closer together and leaves them both lonelier than before.

WHISPER HOLLOW is set in the coal mining town of Verra, West Virginia,​ ​before, during, and after WWII ​with traditional marriages of the wife at home and the husband working.

Ms. Cander's writing pulls you in with her marvelous descriptions of characters and scenes.  The characters are very authentic with some you will feel sorry for.  You will definitely not like Myrthen as the years go on, and your heart will go out to Alta and Lidia.  When Lidia arrives, the strong women of Verra, West Virginia, have another woman with a secret to take into their fold.

The beginning was a bit slow, but the characters, situations, writing style, and time period kept me going.  ​I would recommend this book to anyone who likes secrets and family sagas.  It is historical fiction and women's fiction rolled into one.

WHISPER HOLLOW i​s an interesting look into the lives of the characters with circumstances that are very plausible.  You will become attached to the women and to their situations. 

The ending is redeeming in certain ways and definitely a page turner.  ENJOY if you read WHISPER HOLLOW.  I think you will.  4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation in return for an honest review. 

The Giveaway

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March 26 - April 2

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Best of Luck to All Who Enter


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Night, Night Sleep Tight by Hallie Ephron

How could coming home to help your father get the house ready to sell turn into such a nightmare?

Deirdre dutifully said she would help her father with the house, but when she arrived, she found him at the bottom of the swimming pool. When did this happen? Who could have done this? Could she have done it and not realized it considering her past that she was just finding out about?

NIGHT, NIGHT SLEEP TIGHT was quite gripping and marvelously suspenseful.  All of the things that were happening made me wonder if they were really by chance or if someone had planned them to frame Deirdre.  After all, Deirdre's brother was sound asleep in their childhood home when she arrived.  And what was it with folks from her past coming out of the woodwork and secrets about what actually happened the night of her car accident being revealed?

The characters were quite colorful with most of them on the untrustworthy side.  They all seemed likely suspects in the  murder and subsequently the garage fire.  Deirdre seemed to be the only honest one and the one being blamed.

I really enjoyed NIGHT, NIGHT SLEEP TIGHT.  The suspense began with the first few paragraphs, and it didn't stop.  

NIGHT, NIGHT SLEEP TIGHT was a mystery and character analysis all rolled into one.

If you enjoy uncertainty, excitement, and tension at its finest, don't miss reading NIGHT, NIGHT SLEEP TIGHT.   

NIGHT, NIGHT SLEEP TIGHT was ohhh so good and a book I couldn't wait to get back to.  5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.


Monday, March 23, 2015

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? - 3/23/15

I hope you had a great reading week.  
This is a weekly meme run by Book Journey!

Post the books completed last week, the books you are currently reading, and the books you hope to finish this week. 


Books Completed Last Week:

No New Book completed


Absolutely loved this book.

Review is in the book's title.


Book Currently Reading: 

ONE MILE UNDER by Andrew Gross for an April 7, 2015, post.

Books Up Next:   

LITTLE BLACK LIES by Sharon Bolton for a May 19, 2015, post.


DEATH IN SALEM by Eleanor Kuhns for a June 16, 2015 post

 TAHOE GHOST by Todd Borg

HIGH SEAS DARKNESS by Burr B. Anderson

THREE STORY HOUSE by Courtney Miller Santo

GARDEN OF LETTERS by Alyson Richman






WOMAN OF ILL FAME by Erika Mailman


PERFECT by Rachel Joyce



The books below are not necessarily in the order I have planned to read them.  

I normally read in order of publication or tour date.

And....these are not for reading in the upcoming week.  They are books into and including all of 2014.

The "list" is a means of keeping me organized.  A visual display helps a lot for organization along with my Excel lists. 


How was your reading week?