Friday, May 7, 2021

The Newcomer by Mary Kay Andrews

Secrets, secrets, and more secrets.  How many did Tanya have, and who killed her?

Tanya told her sister Letty if something happened to her to take her child and run and to not forget the stash of cash. Tanya didn't want Evan to take their daughter.

When Letty found Tanya dead, she did exactly what her sister told her to do, but now she is on the run and is a suspect in her sister's murder.

Letty drove to The Murmuring Surf Motel and made it her home, but would she be able to hide in this welcoming place forever?

Evan had hired a detective and was determined to find Letty and have her put in jail and take his daughter with him. 

Unknown to Evan, Tanya had hired an attorney to make her will. The attorney was looking for Letty so she could give her the inheritance her sister left her. 

Letty doesn't want to be found by either the detective or the attorney because she knows neither will turn out well.  Her sister couldn't have any inheritance or could she?

Letty learns to love being at The Murmuring Surf Motel even with all the grumpy snow birds because her landlady Ava was the best.  Her son Joe wasn't bad to look at either.

THE NEWCOMER was a delightful and at times comical read even though there was a murder and some unsavory characters. 

If you enjoy being at the beach, finding new friends and a new home, seeing a character blossom, and seeing how things turn out for characters, this book will be for you.

Totally enjoyable….terrific, heartwarming story line and great characters.

You won't want to stop reading and will be cheering for Letty. 5/5

This book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  

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Question of the Week:
Do you collect bookmarks? (submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver's Reviews)

My Answer:
I actually do not collect them, but if I receive one that is pretty, I display it on my bookshelf.
I also share them with a friend who does collect bookmarks.

Friendly Fill-Ins - 5/7/2021



1. My day is not complete until I ___________________.

2. It is time to ___________________.

3. _________ made me change my mind about _________.

4. I simply refuse to _________.
1.  My day is not complete until I have made my blog and social media posts.
2.  It is time to get some warm weather around here.
3.  Covid-19 made me change my mind about eating out.
4.  I simply refuse to - not sure what I refuse to do.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Have YOU Read Any?


Which have YOU read?



Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The Sound of Wings by Suzanne Simonetti



All information in this post is courtesy of Caitlin Hamilton Summie, President Caitlin Hamilton Marketing & Publicity, LLC 
by Suzanne Simonetti
She Writes Press
Publication date: May 4, 2021
In THE SOUND OF WINGS, Simonetti gives readers a gripping, touching, and memorable portrait of women rising above painful pasts to seize present opportunities and of friendships that grow, despite differences, to sustain and inspire.

“Vividly written, with characters the reader will come to love as friends, The Sound of Wings is a compelling debut novel of great emotional depth. Highly recommended!"—Loretta Nyhan, author of The Other Family, Digging In, All the Good Parts

"Gardens are home to many things--plants, winged visitors, secrets, and sorrows. In The Sound of Wings, Suzanne Simonetti weaves a story of memories that float on the garden air, of people who carry the past with them, who struggle with the pull of memories and the wish to move on from them. She has created a small-town life and a cast of characters that will stay with the
reader long after the last page is read."
—Patti Davis, author of The Earth Breaks in Colors, The Wrong Side of Night

“A lyrical debut reminding us behind every polished exterior, there can be secrets and hidden truths. The women at the heart of this story transform as they battle demons from the ones existing in real life to the ones they carry within. Through the passages of time and self-discovery, they form an unlikely alliance bringing them to a place of healing and growth.”—Tammy Hetrick, author of Stella Rose

“Their stories all seem so separate, and yet there are ties that bind even they can’t fathom. When everything comes to the surface, it is with a heavy heart, but perfect understanding that we see the bigger picture, and hear the beauty of those wondrous wings.”—Satisfaction for an Insatiable Reader

“You don’t want to miss this heartfelt tale of love, sacrifice, and friendship. Beautifully written! Put it on your list today.”—Gina Heron, author of Buried Beneath the Lies

“A story world so completely alive with the characters so real, I can feel them breathing behind me.”Caroline LeavittNew York Times and USA TODAY best-selling author of With or Without YouCruel Beautiful WorldIs This TomorrowPictures of You

“Suzanne Simonetti has woven a tale of wonder and surprises. As the lives of her characters intertwine, secrets are shared and answers are revealed. Reminiscent of Alice Hoffman in its elegant unfolding, the sheer magic of its storytelling, this is a novel that will wrap you in its mystery and beauty.”—Mary Morris, award-winning author of All the Way to the Tigers, Gateway To The Moon, and The Jazz Palace

"Simonetti’s stirring novel excels at creating characters that are fully fleshed out and deeply committed to their artistic careers and their interpersonal relationships. The three principal characters are thoughtful and conscientious, and the deep dives into their thoughts and memories give sharp illustrations of their motivations and fears up to the touching conclusion.”—Kirkus Reviews



Set in picturesque Cape May, New Jersey, THE SOUND OF WINGS weaves together the story of three women whose lives are upended, and then intertwine: seventy-year-old, Goldie, whose pottery shop is failing and who is haunted by her deceased husband; newcomer Krystal, with the flashy new mansion but no friends; and Jocelyn, a distracted writer about to miss a deadline due to a custody battle. In THE SOUND OF WINGS, Simonetti gives readers a gripping, touching, and memorable portrait of women rising above painful pasts to seize present opportunities and of friendships that grow, despite differences, to sustain and inspire.




PHOTO CREDIT:  Tina Giaimo of Spirit Catcher Photography

SUZANNE SIMONETTI grew up in the New York suburbs just outside of the city. 
After earning a BS in marketing, she spent several years writing press releases, until she left her corporate job to focus on her passion for crafting fiction. She lives on Cape May Harbor with her husband. When not on her paddle board or yoga mat, she can be found at the beach trailing the shoreline for seashells, scribbling in her notebook, and channeling dolphins for meaningful conversation. 
Find her online at:

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The Woman With The Blue Star by Pam Jenoff

Leaving your beautiful home, having to move to the ghetto, and then forced out of the ghetto into hiding in the city sewer system.

Could this get any worse for Sadie and her family?

Could it really be a hiding place unknown to the Germans and a safe place for two Jewish families?

Sadie and her mother knew it was the best place to be for now, but living there was horrible. No windows, awful smells, floods, and always cold.

One day Sadie notices a girl looking down through a grate. Sadie drew back, but the girl actually became the light in Sadie’s dreary days and brought food.

It was very dangerous for both girls and the others hiding below.  You will feel the terror and desperation the characters felt but also the hope that things will work out.

Ms. Jenoff has brought another heartbreaking situation to light but also showed us the power of friendship, caring, and endurance.

If you are a fan of Ms. Jenoff’s books, this one is an outstanding addition to her marvelous, well-researched gems that you do NOT want to miss.

You will be glued to the pages as you live the lives of the characters.  5/5

This book was given to me as an advanced digital review copy by the publisher via NetGalley and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Spotlight of The Anglophile's Notebook by Sunday Taylor




"How many ways does the past haunt the present? Can it give you the courage to finally follow your heart? Part literary mystery, part how-to-reinvent-your-life, and 100% delicious, Sunday Taylor's entrancing novel about Charlotte Brontë will have you captivated from page one. Get ready to put the outside world on hold. You don't just read this book, you live it."~ Lisa Borgnes Giramonti, author of NOVEL INTERIORS

"If a book could be a warm cup of tea, and a cashmere blanket to cuddle up in by the fire, then that is exactly what The Anglophile’s Notebook would be. I read a great deal of the book while curled up watching the mist rise of the lake behind our  home, thinking about the wind swept, misty British moors, romanticized  by the writings of the Bronte sisters. Sunday Taylor’s book is part love  letter to the Brontes and the British moors, part literary history  lesson, part romance, and part mystery. But even with the romantic and  mysterious elements, there are no moments of stress or strife created by  reading the book, It is simply a jaunt through London and the British  country side, replete with personal revelations for the characters, and  littered with cultural history nuggets about British literature. In  short, this is a book to read if you want to bring your blood pressure  down after the harrowing year that was 2020. Or if you yourself are a  self-professed Anglophile, then this book is not one you should miss!"~

"The Anglophile's Notebook by Sunday Taylor offers a taste of everything that makes a reader fall in love with a book: it is mostly set in the cozy fall/winter ambience of  an 18th century Yorkshire country house on the English moors and it is filled with fascinating historical details about the lives of the Brontë family (you will enjoy these  stories even if you haven't read the Brontës), and sympathetic characters that feel like they could be your friends. Its delicious details made the bibliophile, the Anglophile and the foodie in me swoon. Taylor notably develops her characters slowly and beautifully with a few mysteries and a couple of sweet second-chance-at-love stories. Claire Easton is an American writer who writes a magazine column called "The Anglophile's Notebook."  She travels to England to do research for her book about Charlotte Brontë. She has been in a painful marriage with few friends in the US, and along with her literary discoveries, she finds new love, friendships and unexpected family in England."~

"This is the book I would write if I had the talent to write a novel.  It’s the story about an English lit lover who impulsively moves to  England. I get it! I understand why the protagonist, Claire Easton,  would do something a little goofy like head off on an extended work trip  to England at the same time her marriage was hitting the rocks. And  why, when her marriage falls apart, she decides to stay. Claire  is a 40-year old writer and magazine editor who goes to London on  assignment for her travel magazine and with a plan to research a book on  her favorite author, Charlotte Brontë. A couple of lucky breaks put her  on the trail of a Brontë discovery and a new romance. When Claire’s  friend sets her up with a collector of Brontë memorabilia to help him  organize his collection, Claire starts traveling between her new  boyfriend in London and Phillip’s stately home in Yorkshire, near  Hawarth Parsonage, the Brontë family home. Like in the Victorian novels  Claire loves, she may find more in Yorkshire than she anticipates. The  story takes place over Claire’s first year in England, during which she  goes through a divorce, falls in love, turns her career in an exciting  new direction, meets new friends, faces adversity, and starts to put  down roots in her new home. This all unfolds against the backdrop of a  cozy, literary England of independent bookshops, homey flats, chats in  small museums, lunches in Covent Garden cafes, ancient pubs, and  charming villages. Don’t come to this book looking for trauma and  anguish. The Anglophile’s Notebook is all about the romantic ideal of starting over at 40 and having all the pieces tumble into place."~Rose City



The Anglophile’s Notebook is a literary mystery set in England. Claire Easton travels from Los Angeles to London to research a book on her favorite author, Charlotte Brontë.

While seeking Brontë’s secrets, she discovers her own. The Anglophile’s Notebook will whisk the reader away to literary London and the beautifully wild countryside of Yorkshire, home to the Brontë sisters.

Brimming with writerly ghosts, enchanting bookstores, cozy pubs, English country gardens, and memorable characters, this novel is for anyone who has found their imagination in the gardens of rural England or a two-hundred-year-old bookstore in London and felt utterly alive.




Sunday Taylor grew up in Pennsylvania and Connecticut and attended Bates College in Maine. A graduate of the Master of Arts program in English Literature at UCLA, she spent the last four decades in California and currently lives in Los Angeles.

Taylor is married with two grown daughters and two granddaughters. She journeys to England every year, reads Jane Eyre every autumn and identifies as an Anglophile. This is her first book.