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COVER REVEAL for the Newest Gem by Patricia Sands!! ️

Spend the holidays in the south of France with your favourite characters from the Love in Provence series.

Everything was going so well with Kat and Philippe's new life together ... until it wasn't. Christmas? Noël? It had all become a conundrum.

Here's the first line of the story, "There are times when even the best novel can't keep your mind off a problem."
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November 15, 2018

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Tahoe Skydrop by Todd Borg

Technology definitely can be dangerous at times.  

Jon, a 10-year-old computer genius, found that out when he was kidnapped and Yardley LaMotte, the owner of Tahoe Robotics, found that out when he was killed for files on a flash drive.

We follow Owen McKenna as he investigates the death of Mr. LaMotte and the kidnapping of Jon.  As always his Largeness is with him, and we learn about Tahoe’s landscape, hiking on ice-covered slopes, and paragliding.

Fans of Mr. Borg will again be treated to tension, mystery solving, and marvelous detail as Owen climbs mountains, hides out in the woods, gets his own way, secretly sneaks up on killers, and uses every clue to come to solving yet another intriguing mystery.

Mr. Borg also gave some details about social and personal topics.

McKenna always has unique ways of rescuing characters as well as keeping the reader in suspense. 

Mr. Borg hopes that after reading about his attempted unique rescue, you will want to try paragliding.  I will pass on that sport. :) 4/5

This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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Giveaway and Review of The Promise of Provence by Patricia Sands

Kat was happily married and had been for twenty-two years.

On the day of her twenty-second anniversary, she came home to the usual bouquet of flowers and the note from her husband.  The note definitely wasn’t the normal loving one.  This note was one saying he was in love with someone else and was leaving her.

Kat couldn’t believe it, but she had her mother and some terrific friends to help her through it all.

Kat moved in with her ailing mother who had lived through the horrors of WWII as a Jewish child and would never tell Kat about that time.  One day unknown to Kat, her mother wrote the events down with Kat being instructed by her mother to not read her mother’s account until she passed.

When she read her mother’s account, she cried and I did too.

As the months moved on, Kat decided she needed something different, and her cousin Andrea told her about a house swap program.  Kat decided to do a house swap, and found a farmhouse in Provence – see photos below

What a wonderful decision for Kat.

Ms. Sands’ marvelous descriptions have you right there with Kat enjoying the delicious food, the landscape, the views, the history of France, and the wonderful people.

THE PROMISE OF PROVENCE is a story of healing and finding yourself and your happiness.

Ms. Sands has written another beautifully told story that will have you wanting to make immediate plane reservations.  5/5

This book was given to me by the author and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

Antibes and the Provence Area


Photos courtesy of Patricia Sands

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October 29 - November 5

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It's Monday!! What Are YOU Reading? - 10/29/2018
I hope you had a great reading week.  
This is a weekly meme hosted by Kathryn at BOOK DATE!

Post the books completed, the books you are currently reading, and the books you hope to finish at some point.
Books Completed:

ONCE UPON A RIVER by Diane Setterfield - review will be on December 11 - finished on October 24.

A DANGEROUS DUET by Karen Odden - review will be on November 6 - finished on October 17.

TAHOE SKYDROP by Todd Borg - review will be on October 30 - finished October 3.

THE LIES WE TOLD by Camilla Way - review is in the book's title.

This is a MUST READ!!

THE RAIN WATCHER by Tatiana Da Rosnay - review is in the book's title.

HOUSE OF GOLD by Natasha Solomons - review is in the book's title.

Beautiful writing, but a bit too long.

Book Currently Reading:

THE PROMISE OF PROVENCE by Patricia Sands - review will be in December 18.

Books Up Next:

HALF OF WHAT YOU HEAR by Krystin Kusek Lewis - review will be on December 31.

THE RED ADDRESS BOOK by Sofia Lundberg - review will be on January 2, 2019.

FREEFALL by Jessica Barry - review will be on January 3, 2019.


WATCHING YOU by Lisa Jewell - review will be on January 7, 2019.


SHE LIES IN WAIT by Gytha Lodge - review will be on January 8, 2019.


AN ANONYMOUS GIRL by Greer Hendricks and Sara Pekkanen - review will be on January 9, 2019.

THE AU PAIR by Emma Rous - review will be on January 10, 2019.


NO EXIT by Taylor Adams - review will be on January 14, 2019.

ANNELIES by David R. Gillham - review will be on January 19, 2019.

The premise involves Anne Frank.  :) Sounds VERY good.

THE WARTIME SISTERS by Lynda Cohen Logiman - review will be on January 22, 2019.


THE LOST GIRLS OF PARIS by Pam Jenoff - review will be on February 4, 2019.

FORGET YOU KNOW ME by Jessica Strawser - review will be on February 5, 2019.


THE FAVORITE DAUGHTER by Kaira Rouda - review will be on February 14, 2019. 

Cover revealed on October 3, 2018. 

THE LAST ROMANTICS - review will be on February 19, 2019.

WOMAN 99 by Greer MacAllister - review will be in March 5, 2019.

No data base photo yet, but the publisher is Sourcebooks.

THE LAST YEAR OF THE WAR by Susan Meissner - review will be on March 14, 2019.

BEAUTIFUL BAD by Annie Ward - review will be on March 19, 2019.


LITTLE DARLINGS by Melanie Golding - review will be on April 30, 2019.