Wednesday, July 17, 2024

FEATURING: Big Lies In A Small Tow by Diane Chamberlain


Two women in charge of a mural but not at the same time.

Anna had won a contest to paint a mural of Edenton for the post office, and Morgan many years later was hired to restore the mural.

If you are an artist or are artistic, BIG LIES IN A SMALL TOWN will definitely appeal to you.  

I enjoyed learning about art techniques....especially what pouncing is.



Tuesday, July 16, 2024

One Big Happy Family by Jamie Day

A reading of their father's will at the Bishop family’s luxurious hotel brings everyone together.

They really do not like each other, have secrets, and haven’t seen each other for a while.

Most likely it will be a stormy reading along with the hurricane that is predicted to arrive in a few days.

As the family waits for the attorney to arrive they can hear the wind howling and the waves crashing outside.

There is also a lot of noise inside with the feuding siblings and a maid who is hiding a guest that happened to appear out of the blue and says she needs a place to hide from her abusive boyfriend.

When the will is read, there is a huge outburst because of the distribution.

How will it all turn out? Or should we say:  Who will win out - the storm, the siblings, or neither one?

Things get crazier as the family gets crazier, and a few of the group won’t be leaving.

ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY was a little slow at first, and I lost interest when the book gave background information on the characters, but the current-day storyline is intense and good. 4/5

Thank you to the publisher for a copy of this book.  All opinions are my own.

Monday, July 15, 2024

Spotlight of Until Next Summer by Ali Brady



Contemporary Romance; Friendship; Women's Fiction

Brady’s latest follows two former best friends who each find love at an adults-only summer camp in this romantic and nostalgic novel that proves “once a camp person, always a camp person.”


Ali Brady—the pen name of writing BFFs Alison Hammer and Bradeigh Godfrey—has become synonymous with summer. 

Their novels perfectly capture the excitement, nostalgia, and romance of the warmer months. 

UNTIL NEXT SUMMER is yet another undeniable beach read!


July 9, 2024

Berkley Trade Paperback Original



"Until Next Summer is a heartfelt and hilarious frolic through a nostalgic landscape of color wars, first kisses, and toilet-paper porch decor—with a cocktail in hand. Whether you’re a “camp person” or not, I defy you to read Ali Brady’s latest without glowing from the inside at this tender and hopeful exploration of friendship, romance, and the magic that only a very special place in the woods can hold."Shelby Van Pelt, New York Times Bestselling author of Remarkably Bright Creatures

"For fans of every single good thing
friendship, romance, summer camp, and reclaiming your authentic selfthis book is a complete winner. It’s redemptive and romantic in the most perfect way."Annabel Monaghan, bestselling author of Same Time Next Summer

"Get ready for an extra dose of nostalgic summer feels
with a side of steamy romancein this delight of a novel by authors Alison Hammer and Bradeigh Godfrey, who write together as Ali Brady. You'll fall in love with plucky Jessie and earnest Hillary as the two womenwhose friendship fractured a decade agotry to find their way back to trusting each other, all while trying to save the summer camp that meant so much to them as kids. Throw in a hot, conflicted camp chef and a sexy, brooding writer holed up in a camp cabin with his dog, and you have yourself a recipe for two spectacular summer flingsand maybe even more. But just like the calm waters of the fictional Camp Chickawah's lake, there's more depth than you might expect beneath the surface, and you'll find yourself laughing and crying along with Jessie and Hillary as they host several weeks of adult campers and are forced to discover what it really means to save the daynot just for the camp, but in their own lives, too. Until Next Summer charms with crackling summer romance, the magic of true friendship, and an against-the-odds story of discovering the things that matterand finding the courage to fight for them.”New York Times bestselling author Kristin Harmel

"Until Next Summer is an absolute must read! This novel beautifully captures everything that's magical and marvelous about long summer days, away camp, best friends, first kisses, finding your people and the place of your heart. When everything the Chickawah campers love is placed in jeopardy, our protagonists try everything they can think of to save the day. Rarely have I been so completely invested in the outcome of a story. In a word, it's Chicka-wonderful! Hey, if you know, you know and if you don't know you need to read Until Next Summer!"Jenn McKinlay, New York Times bestselling author of Love at First Book

"Thank you to Ali Brady for taking me back to sleepaway camp. First loves, shower shoes, Color Wars, the camp play, best friend necklaces... you didn't miss a detail about what makes camp a place where time moves differently and the outside world is a galaxy away. 
Until Next Summer is an irresistible frolic through the joys of summer, friendship and young romance but also a reminder of the heartache that comes along with that unforgettable time in life. This book is for anyone who still thinks about their first crush, their first friend or their first sip of bug juice.”Elyssa Friedland, author of The Most Likely Club

"Ali Brady is back with a can’t-miss vacation-in-pages. Two estranged friends come together to celebrate the last season at their favorite place with the best idea of all time: adult summer camp! Whether you’re a former camper or could simply use an escape, run don’t walk to pick up this charming, fun, and utterly poignant novel about the pieces of our younger selves that are always waiting to be rediscovered. Ali Brady captures the feel of carefree childhood days so vividly that you can practically smell the s’mores. 
Until Next Summer, like camp itself, brims with summer romance, forever friendship, and, maybe most of all, finding who you’re meant to be. As a camp fanatic, I give this one five huge stars—and now I want to go to Camp Chickawah too!"Kristy Woodson Harvey, New York Times Bestselling author of The Summer of Songbirds

"While the romances have their steamy moments, this story is ultimately proof that platonic soulmates are just as important as romantic ones. A fun, sun-drenched homage to camp memories."

Until Next Summer is the book equivalent of catching fireflies on a warm summer night and I couldn’t put it down.  Full of charm, nostalgia and swoon, Ali Brady’s newest release is best consumed by the light of a glowing campfire."Lynn Painter, New York Times Bestselling Author  

Until Next Summer grabbed me with its summer camp nostalgia, the deep friendship between its protagonists, and two simmering romances.  I was rooting for every single character to find their happily ever after, especially Camp Chickawah!"Jessica Saunders, author of Love, Me




The story: Growing up, Jessie and Hillary lived for summer, when they’d be reunited at Camp Chickawah. 

The best friends vowed to become counselors together someday, but they drifted apart after Hillary broke her promise and only Jessie stuck to their plan, working her way up to become the camp director. 


When Jessie learns that the camp will be sold, she decides to plan one last hurrah, inviting past campers—including Hillary—to a nostalgic “adult summer camp” before closing for good.

Jessie and Hillary rebuild their friendship as they relive the best time of their lives—only now there are adult beverages, skinny dipping, and romantic entanglements.

Straitlaced Hillary agrees to a "no strings attached" summer fling with the camp chef, while outgoing Jessie is drawn to a moody, reclusive writer who’s rented a cabin to work on his novel.

The friends soon realize this doesn’t have to be the last summer. They’ll team up and work together, just like the old days. 

But if they can’t save their beloved camp, will they be able to take the happiness of this summer away with them?



Ali Brady is the pen name of writing BFFs Alison Hammer and Bradeigh Godfrey. 

THE BEACH TRAP is their first book together. 

Alison lives in Chicago where she works as a creative director for an advertising agency. 

She has no kids, pets or plants, but she does have two solo books, YOU AND ME AND US and LITTLE PIECES OF ME. 

Bradeigh lives in Utah with her husband and four children. 

She works as a doctor, and her solo debut, IMPOSTER is forthcoming. 

Learn more at



Mailbox Monday - 7/15/2024





On Wednesday, July 10, I received:

1.   THE MIDNIGHT CLUB by Margot Harrison, courtesy of The Hive, Harlequin Trade, Graydon House, and NetGalley.

2.  THE CODEBREAKER GIRL by Gosia Nealon, courtesy of Jess Readette of Bookouture and NetGalley.

On Thursday, July 11, I received:

1.  WHO LOVES YOU BEST by Marilyn Simon Rothstein, courtesy of Sydney Leanne, Marketing Assistant for the author, Lake Union Publishing, and NetGalley.


It's Monday!! What Are YOU Reading? - 7/15/2024


I hope you had a great reading week.
This is a weekly meme hosted by Kathryn at BOOK DATE!

Post the books completed, the books you are currently reading, and the books you hope to finish at some point.
Books Completed:

THE HIDDEN BOOK by Kirsty Manning - review will be on August 15.

Excellent - a hidden book from WWII.

TAHOE RESCUE by Todd Borg - review will be on August 3.

Very good as always.

ALL THE WAY GONE by Joanna Schaffhausen - review will be on August 13.

Another good one - fans won't want to miss it!!

HOUSE OF GLASS by Sarah Pekkanen - review will be on August 6.'s good.  Don't miss it.

RETURN TO WYLDCLIFFE HEIGHTS by Carol Goodman - review will be on July 30.

A bit confusing and some paranormal, but a good storyline.

WHEN THE WORLD FELL SILENT by Donna Jones Alward - review will be on July 22.

Excellent read!!

THE PERFECT SISTER by Stephanie DeCarolis - review will be on July 19.

A good thriller - a little slow at first, but the ending twists are worth the wait.

ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY by Jamie Day - review will be on July 16.

A bit slow at first, but turns out to be a good thriller.


THE BURNING by Linda Castillo - review is in the book's title.

Excellent thriller.

LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER by Kimberly McCreight - review will be on August 2.

Not a favorite - very confusing, and no likeable characters.

LENNY MARKS GETS AWAY WITH MURDER by Kerryn Mayne - review is in the book's title.

LOVED IT - add it to your TBR!!  A loveable main character - great debut!!

BEYOND SUMMERLAND by Jenny LeCoat - review is in the book's title.

LOVE this author's books.  

It didn't disappoint...the only complaint was it was a bit confusing when it switched from one character to the other, BUT fabulous storyline and research.


Book Currently Reading:

THE CODEBREAKER GIRL by Gosia Nealon - review will be on August 14.

Books Up Next:

THE FULL MOON COFFEE SHOP by Mai Mochizuki - review will be on August 20.

THEN THINGS WENT DARK by Bea Fitzgerald - review will be on August 27.
RED RIVER ROAD by Anna Downes - review will be on August 28.

THE BOOK SWAP by Tessa Bickers - review will be on September 4.
THE PARIS UNDERSTUDY by Aurelie Thiele - review will be on September 10.
THE BOOKLOVER'S LIBRARY by Madeline Martin - review will be on September 11.

A PLACE TO HIDE by Ronald H. Balson - review will be on September 17.

THE HITCHCOCK HOTEL by Stephanie Wrobel - review will be on September 24.

THE MIDNIGHT CLUB by Margot Harrison - review will be on September 25.

THE NIGHT WE LOST HIM by Laura Dave - review will be on October 1.

BETRAYAL AT BLACKTHORN PARK by Julia Kelly - review will be on October 2.

THE LOVE ELIXIR OF AUGUSTA STERN by Lynda Cohen Logiman - review will be on October 8.

THE PRESIDENT'S LAWYER by Lawrence Robbins - review will be on October 9.  
WHO LOVES YOU BEST by Marilyn Simon Rothstein - review will be on October 15.

THE SUNFLOWER HOUSE by Adriana Allegri - review will be on November 12.

WHAT SECRETS STAY by CherAnn Wright - review will be on December 1.

WHAT THE WIFE KNEW by Darby Kane - review will be on December 10.
THE FRENCH WINEMAKER'S DAUGHTER by Loretta Ellsworth - review will be on December 11.

THE LOTUS SHOES by Jane Yang - review will be on January 7, 2025.

THE LOST HOUSE by Melissa Larsen - review will be on January 14, 2025...NO COVER YET.

THE FAMILY INSIDE by Katie Garner - review will be on January 28, 2025.

TOUGH LUCK by Sandra Dallas - review will be on April 29, 2025.