Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Greetings!!

Happy Halloween!!!
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Girl In The Castle by Santa Montefiore

Kitty was nine.

Kitty was ignored by her mother.

Kitty was friends with a servant.

Kitty had a very harsh governess.

Kitty could see her dead ancestor in the castle tower, and no one believed her.

Poor Kitty Deverill had a lot to deal with at her young age, but she was spunky, delightful, and resilient

Kitty was a character I really enjoyed, and THE GIRL IN THE CASTLE was a book I really enjoyed..

​THE GIRL IN THE CASTLE is set around 1910 and ​lets us into​ ​the ​lives of aristocrats and the lives of servants in a castle.

​I enjoyed the talk of life in both worlds and the Deverill family.​

THE GIRL IN THE CASTLE also addressed the issue of Ireland and the British during the fight for Irish liberty.  That part of history was interesting, but I liked the family saga better.

The personal side of the lives of the characters intrigued me.  THE GIRL IN THE CASTLE was a fun, informative read with unforgettable characters.

​Ms. Montefiore's writing is exquisite and detailed easily allowing the reader to step into every situation ​with the characters.

ENJOY if you read THE GIRL IN THE CASTLE.  The book became better and better as I turned each page.  

You will fall in love with the characters and wish you could join in the family fun at the castle in Ireland and in their homes in London.

The gorgeous cover pulls you in along with the marvelous story line.    4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation in return for an honest review.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

News Of The World by Paulette Jiles

Captain Kidd had experience traveling uncharted lands as he read his newspapers in different towns to spread the news of the world, but traveling with a ten-year-old girl who couldn't speak English was quite a different task for him.

Johanna had been kidnapped by the Kiowa Indians after her family was killed in a raid, but Johanna was now released and needed to be returned to her aunt and uncle.  She didn't know who they were, and they didn't know her.

NEWS OF THE WORLD flows beautifully as we follow Captain Kidd and Johanna on their 400-mile journey that Captain Kidd regretfully had accepted.  He had to deal with no language communication except for a few words and sign language as well as Johanna's numerous attempts to escape.

NEWS OF THE WORLD was an enjoyable read because the writing was marvelous, the story line was interesting, and the characters were authentic and likable.  ​Johanna grew on you.  ​​Mrs. Gannet was charming.  Captain Kidd was a perfect gentleman, a wonderful father, and an all-around good guy.​

I enjoyed the historical aspect of how there were folks who went from town to town reading the news.  ​I loved the descriptions of the undeveloped country and am happy I didn't live back then.  It was difficult to imagine there were no paved roads.​ We readers even get to be in the middle of a gun fight. 

NEWS OF THE WORLD is filled with beautiful, descriptive writing that pulls you in   I truly enjoyed NEWS OF THE WORLD mainly because of the characters and definitely the warmth and kindness of Captain Kidd.  

If you need a quick, enjoyable, heartwarming read, NEWS OF THE WORLD fits the bill along with a history lesson. 4/5

This book was giv​en to me free of charge and without compensation from the publisher in return for an honest review.​

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Good Taste by Jane Green

The information below is from the publisher:


For New York Times bestselling author Jane Green, food is enjoyable because of the people surrounding it and the pleasures of hosting and nourishing those she cares about, body and soul. 

In Good Taste, Jane shares tips on entertaining, ideas for making any gathering a cozy yet classy affair, and some of her favorite dishes, ranging from tempting hors d'oeuvres like Sweet Corn and Chili Soup, to mouthwatering one-pot mains like Slow-Braised Onion Chicken, to sinfully satisfying desserts like Warm Chocolate and Banana Cake.

This book is Jane's perfect recipe for making a wonderful life complete friends, loving family, and moments filled with good food, good times, and, of course, Good Taste.
The information below is a quote from Jane Green:

"This is not a book about food.  This is a book about gathering family and friends in a warm, comfortable, welcoming kitchen and feeding them the kinds of food that make them feel loved."
The information below is what I have to say: 

As I leafed through the pages of GOOD TASTE, my mouth was watering, and I can see how these recipes would make you feel loved.

I wanted to share with you the book's index and a few recipes that caught my eye and recipes that I will definitely make for my family.  

I see that the publisher chose one of the main dishes and one of the desserts I chose.  :)

I noticed the same choices after I had looked through the book and starting writing my post.  :)
Let's move on to YUMMY......


I couldn't pass up sharing this cauliflower looks so good, and I am actually a vegetarian at heart.