Friday, May 31, 2019

Favorite May Reads


May was a good reading month.

Did you have any favorites?

Book Beginnings - 5/31/2019

*Please join Rose City Reader every Friday to share the first sentence (or so) of the book you are reading, along with your initial thoughts about the sentence, impressions of the book, or anything else the opener inspires. Please remember to include the title of the book and the author's name.  *Taken directly from Rose City Reader's Blog Page. 
My Book Beginnings is taken from GIRL IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR by Kelsey Rae Dimberg:

"Yesterday had been the hottest day of the year, and today was even warmer.  Arizona seemed to be moving closer to the sun.  If only we'd stayed inside. Instead, I escorted Amabel Martin through the holiday festival."

Book Blogger Hop - 5/31/2019

Question of the Week:

Do you read books over 400 pages? (submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver's Reviews)

My Answer:

I normally do not read books over 400 pages, but I have had a few books recently that were about 420 pages.

Friendly Fill-Ins - 5/31/2019

1. I would love to be a personal assistant to _____.

2. If I had a boat, I would name it _____.

3. I want to improve my ____.

4. Surprises are ____.


1.  I would love to be a personal assistant to an author. I bet you were not surprised about this answer.  :)

2.  If I had a boat, I would name it Sail Away!!

3.  I want to improve my bread recipe by experimenting with different additions to it.

4.  Surprises are something I do not like unless it is a book.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Books Read In May

I enjoyed all of my May reads.

I hope you had a good reading month.

Stop by tomorrow to see which ones were my favorites.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Spotlight of One More Lie by Amy LLoyd

Harper Collins is Celebrating The MAY 28 Release of:


All information in this post is courtesy of Roxanne Jones of Harper Collins.
Internationally bestselling author Amy Lloyd's novel ONE MORE LIE (Hanover Square Press Trade Paperback Original; May 28) is a harrowing tale that begins with 10-year-old Charlotte and Sean—her best friend from the wrong side of the tracks—are found guilty of a violent crime so heinous that they are tried as adults.  

"I'm a huge fan of Amy's writing and I read One More Lie pretty much overnight. This is another incredible book from Amy.... I found it gripping, intriguing, sinister and it really had me hooked from the first page! I will definitely be recommending it to everyone!"—Karen Hamilton, author of The Perfect Girlfriend

"A chilling, tragic story that feels like you're reading behind the scenes in a real criminal case."—Araminta Hall, author of Our Kind of Cruelty 

"I read it in a day. Superb. I'll be thinking of this for ages to come. An absolute masterclass in suspenseful storytelling."—Jo Spain, author of The Confession 

"Written with experience and style... a thriller, a chilling one an' all."—Annie Clarke, Frost Magazine 

"Wow! What a compulsive, chilling novel. Both Charlotte and Sean are so thoughtfully and believably drawn, I felt almost as if I was intruding on their most private of thoughts - it makes it a really sinister and yet ultimately tragic story. I will definitely be recommending it."—Phoebe Locke, author of The Tall Man

Charlotte wants to start fresh. She wants to forget her past, forget prison, and, most of all, forget Sean. But old habits die hard. Despite the ankle monitor she must wear as part of her parole agreement and frequent visits to her therapist, she soon finds herself sliding back towards the type of behavior that sent her to prison in the first place. The further down that path she goes, however, the closer she gets to the crime that put her in prison all those years ago. And that’s the one memory she can’t face. Until, one day, Sean tracks her down.

As the story builds, Lloyd teases and hints with glimpses of Charlotte’s troubled past, culminating in a shocking conclusion that will leave readers chilled to the bone. For fans of Sometimes I Lie and Behind Her Eyes, Amy Lloyd flexes her muscles with a crime fiction novel of unyielding suspense, creeping paranoia, and dark temptation that peers into the horrors that lurk in the human mind.

Amy Lloyd studied English and creative writing at Cardiff Metropolitan University.  She won the Daily Mail First Novel Competition for her first novel, The Innocent Wife in 2016.  She lives in Cardiff, Wales, with her partner and two cats.

 Photo Credit: Alistair Heap

Monday, May 27, 2019

It's Monday!! What Are YOU Reading? - 5/27/2019
I hope you had a great reading week.  
This is a weekly meme hosted by Kathryn at BOOK DATE!

Post the books completed, the books you are currently reading, and the books you hope to finish at some point.
Books Completed:

THE FIRST MISTAKE by Sandie Jones - review will be on June 9 - pub date is June 11 - finished on May 26.

THE NEIGHBORHOOD by Erina Bridget Rings - review will be on June 3.

THOSE PEOPLE by Louise Candlish - review will be on June 11 - finished on May 21.

ASHES by Sharon Gloger Friedman - review will be on June 10.
THE SUMMER COUNTRY by Lauren Willig - review will be on June 6 - finished on May 10.
THE FAVORITE DAUGHTER by Kaira Rouda - review is in the book's title.

WOW!!  An amazing thriller/mystery/domestic gem.

NEVER HAVE I EVER by Joshilyn Jackson - review will be on July 30 - finished on April 2.

Book Currently Reading:

GIRL IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR by Kelsey  Rae Dimberg - review will be on June 17.

Books Up Next:

THE LAST HOUSE GUEST by Megan Miranda - review will be on June 18.

DEAR WIFE by Kimberly Belle - review will be on June 25.
THE SUMMER COTTAGE by Viola Shipman - review will be on June 27.
THE GOLDEN HOUR by Beatriz Williams - review will be on July 9.

BETHLEHEM by Karen Kelly - review will be on July 10.

LAYOVER by David Bell - review will be on July 11. 

STRANGER ON THE BEACH by Michelle Campbell - review will be on July 23.

THE CHELSEA GIRLS by Fiona Davis - review will be on July 31.

BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE by Rea Frey - review will be on August 5.

THE WOMEN OF THE COPPER COUNTRY by Mary Doria Russell - review will be on August 6.
THE WINEMAKER'S WIFE by Kristin Harmel - review will be on August 13.

THE OYSTERVILLE SEWING CIRCLE by Susan  Wiggs - review will be on August 20.

THIS TENDER LAND by William Kent Krueger - review will be on September 3.
TODAY WE GO HOME by Kelli Estes - review will on September 4.
29 SECONDS by T. M. Logan - review will be on September 10.

THE LAST TRAIN TO LONDON by Meg Waite Clayton - review will be on September 11.

THE MURDER LIST by Hank Phillippi Ryan - review will be on September 12.
RED SKY IN THE MORNING by J. Walter Ring - review will be on September 26.

COLD WOODS by Karen Katchur - review will be on October 1.