Thursday, April 28, 2016

Are YOU in on the Secret?

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I LET YOU GO by Clare Mackintosh has a secret that everyone who has read the book will be talking about. 

I read it, and am a member of the club that knows the secret.

Are you a member of the I LET YOU GO club?

My review of I LET YOU GO will go live on my blog on May 10.

Read this book, and join the club. :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Other Widow by Susan Crawford

Was it really an accident?

Who was the other person in the car with Joe?

Why was a million dollar insurance policy taken out not even a month before the accident?

We meet Joe, Samuel, Karen, Dorrie, ​Edward, ​and Maggie.  Husbands and wives who were not faithful​, Joe's boss, and an insurance agent who used to be a policeman reviewing the life insurance policy.

​After Joe was killed in a car accident, the tension builds, the characters show their true colors, and secrets become revealed.

THE OTHER WIDOW is definitely a page turner with the reader questioning who might have been at fault for the accident and if the characters were as honest and upright as they made themselves appear especially Edward.

THE OTHER WIDOW kept me wondering what was up with the characters and how they played into each other's lives.  As you follow the characters, you can't help but become more involved in the story line and their lives.

I really liked the book and had a difficult time putting it down.  It was mystery and women's fiction rolled into one marvelous read.

The only puzzle not solved for me was the significance of the book's title, but the author cleared that up for me.  See if you are clever enough to make the connection.  :)

If you enjoy intrigue and family dynamics, don't miss reading THE OTHER WIDOW.  Loved it.  5/5
This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation in return for an honest review.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Secrets of Flight by Maggie Leffler


THE SECRETS OF FLIGHT is filled with writers, readers, secrets, life’s lessons, and​ laugh-out-loud situations.​

We meet 87-year-old Mrs. Browning also known as Miriam Lichtenstein who has a story that needs to be told and Elyse a 15-year old who helps record her story.

We learn about Mrs Browning's past through flashbacks and the story she has Elyse typing for her.

The two main characters were lovable and two people who would be wonderful to know.  I am wondering if the characters were actual people in the author's life.

I enjoyed flashing back to Mrs. Brownings' life and seeing her excitement and experiences with flying as well as her personal life.  I learned about The Fly Girls who were famous during WWII.

The friendship between Elyse and Mrs. Browning beautifully wove the story. 

THE SECRETS OF FLIGHT is a well-researched, marvelous debut filled with vivid descriptions.

THE SECRETS OF FLIGHT took a few pages to get the gist of the story line, but it was funny, endearing, and a must read for historical fiction and women's fiction fans.  

I enjoyed THE SECRETS OF FLIGHT and was anxious to get back to the book and to the characters.  

ENJOY when you read the book.  I did. 4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the author and publisher in return for an honest review.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Spotlght of A Disguise To Die For by Diane Vallere

I am excited to be able share this book.  It looks and sounds so cute.

ENJOY when you read it.

All information below is courtesy of Liz Donatelli of Liz D Publicity and Promotions.


Someone is dressed to kill in the debut Costume Shop Mystery from the national bestselling author of the Material Witness mysteries.

No sooner does former magician’s assistant Margo Tamblyn return home to Proper City, Nevada, to run Disguise DeLimit, her family’s costume shop, than she gets her first big order. Wealthy nuisance Blitz Manners needs forty costumes for a detective-themed birthday bash. As for Blitz himself, his Sherlock Holmes is to die for—literally—when, in the middle of the festivities, Margo’s friend and party planner Ebony Welles is caught brandishing a carving knife over a very dead Blitz.

For Margo, clearing Ebony’s name is anything but elementary, especially after Ebony flees town. Now Margo is left to play real-life detective in a town full of masked motives, cloaked secrets, and veiled vendettas. But as she soon learns, even a killer disguise can’t hide a murderer in plain sight for long.


Diane Vallere is the nationally bestselling and Lefty Award-nominated author of the Style & Error, Mad for Mod, Material Witness and Costume Shop Mysteries. A former fashion industry professional, who started her own detective agency at age ten, Diane now writes fiction for women who like shoes, clues and clothes. She serves as the current vice president of Sisters in Crime and resides in Los Angeles, California.


Friday, April 15, 2016

Britt-Marie Was Here by Fredrik Backman

Keeping up appearances but not being appreciated was Britt-Marie's life.​

Britt-Marie always ​worried ​what other​s​ would think if something happened to her when they traveled and her hotel room was not in pristine order.

Britt-Marie was 63 and needed a job.  If anyone would drive you crazy about a job or just about anything, it would be Britt-Marie.  The only job the employment agency had for Britt-Marie was in a town called Borg, and the job was cleaning the recreation center.

Britt-Marie was appalled when Borg didn't have any Faxin for her cleaning routine.  How could they not have Faxin?  How can you get anything clean without it?

Britt-Marie has a germ and dirt aversion which is comically portrayed and makes you laugh out loud at her statements.

​Borg grows to love Britt-Marie, and Britt-Marie loves Borg and its residents. 

BRITT-MARIE WAS HERE is a heartwarming, funny, enjoyable read.

I was delighted with this book from the first three-word sentence of the book, and the delight continued until the last page.  5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.

The following information is courtesy of the publisher.  
Meet Fredrik Bachman 

 See if he will be in your town.

Fredrik Backman, a blogger and columnist, is the author of My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry and A Man Called Ove.

Both were number-one bestsellers in his native Sweden and are being published around the world in more than twenty-five languages.

“The bestselling author of A Man Called Ove returns with this heartwarming story about a woman rediscovering herself after personal crisis…. Insightful and touching, this is a sweet and inspiring story about truth and transformation. Fans of Backman’s will find another winner in these pages.”—Publishers Weekly

“Heartfelt and truly stirring…Backman has written another bestseller with his latest novel.”—RT Book Reviews

“A story of sorrow, hope, and joy, written with an abundance of humor.”—Expressen (Sweden)

“Laugh-out-loud funny and sentimentally philosophical.”—G√∂teborgs-Posten (Sweden)

Friday, April 8, 2016

Stars Over Sunset Boulevard by Susan Meissner

Violet, the Southern Belle, and Audry, the aspiring actress met by chance, became roommates, and worked at the same secretarial pool at Selznick International.

The stages of Gone With The Wind were the feature of the book along with Violet and Audry's personal lives.

STARS OVER SUNSET BOULEVARD has the glitter of Hollywood, the disappointments of Hollywood, behind-the-scenes fun, and the wonderful, amazing friendship between Violet and Audry.

I really enjoyed STARS OVER SUNSET BOULEVARD because of the warmth of the characters.  It wasn't as much about Hollywood, as it was about friends, lives, and choices.

STARS OVER SUNSET BOULEVARD will enchant and delight all women's fiction fans and of course fans of Hollywood and Gone With the Wind.  

Don't miss reading this beautifully written, touching book. 

You will not be disappointed with the love and tenderness along with some jealousy that oozes off the pages with Violet and Audry's enduring friendship.

A lovely, heartwarming read that will have you thinking about your friendships. 

ENJOY....I definitely did.   5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Modern Girls and The Ones Who Matter Most Giveaway

Just in time for Mother's Day.

Lauren Burnstein of Penguin Random House is offering one of these books to two USA lucky winners.

You get to choose which one you would like to win by filling out the form at the bottom of this post.




New American Library Accent trade paperback original; April 5, 2016

After her husband dies unexpectedly, Abby Roberts finds wedding photographs of him with another woman, along with pictures of a baby boy. Shocked, she does something utterly impulsive: she embarks on a journey to discover the family her husband apparently left behind.

What begins as one woman’s search for truth becomes a deep bond forged between the unlikeliest of people. Their surprising journey reveals how strangers can quickly find themselves to be family.

Herron’s mastery of grief, love, and the human condition was honed by her career as a 911 volunteer. She says: “Everything I know about the strength of the human heart and its determination to love comes from the calls I take on a daily basis. I’ve heard hearts break. I’ve heard love in every language, and it sounds the same.”

Pack Up the Moon was named by Working Mother magazine as one of the best gift books for Mother’s Day in 2014. THE ONES WHO MATTER MOST resonates with similar themes of family, highlighting how the most unbreakable bonds can often be the most unlikely. Herron’s previous novels, Splinters of Light and Pack Up the Moon, have been called “riveting” (Booklist), “emotional” (RT Book Reviews) and “poignant” (Library Journal).

MODERN GIRLS by Jennifer S. Brown

New American Library trade paperback original; April 5, 2016

An atmospheric new work of historical fiction takes readers into New York City’s 1935 lower East Side Jewish immigrant community, where two women faced with an impossible choice will confront tradition, expectations—and themselves . . .

Set in 1935 against the backdrop of World War II’s ominous approach, MODERN GIRLS follows the interlocking narratives of fierce, industrious nineteen-year-old Dottie Krasinsky, and her mother, Rose.

Though Dottie lives with her traditional Yiddish-speaking parents, she’s as modern as a 1930’s girl can get: she has just been promoted as head bookkeeper at a glittering midtown office,
plans to marry her swoon-worthy boyfriend Abe, but still dreams of a home ripped from the pages of Better Homes & Gardens. But after a fight with Abe, and a single careless night with the charismatic but unsuitable Willie, Dottie finds herself in the family way. Desperate, she is unwed, unsure, and running out of options. 

Meanwhile, as news of Jewish persecution in Europe spreads, Rose longs to return to the social activism she embraced as a young woman in Russia. But when she finds herself pregnant with a fifth child, she wrestles with profound disappointment at being forced to once again set aside political work, even as her brother remains trapped in Poland.

As both mother and daughter wrestle with unthinkable choices, they are forced to confront their beliefs, and the changing world around them. What they choose to do next will yield astonishing lessons about what truly lies in each woman’s heart. Only one thing is for sure: neither will ever be the same again.



Betty from Georgia
Susan from North Carolina




April 7 - April 14

Two Books - Two Winners!!


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Glory Over Everything by Kathleen Grissom

From James Pyke to James Burton.

​From the South to the North.

From a plantation to a home in Philadelphia.

James Pyke fled from the plantation
to start a new life after he killed his abusive father.  It wasn't an easy life, but James​ ​managed to find a wealthy family with a silversmith business who took him in, adopted him, and taught him the trade.​

James became very successful with his father's silversmith business and quite prominent in society.

We follow James from his childhood to his adult life. He could never be happy no matter how wonderful his life had become because he always feared the secret he had would be exposed.

GLORY OVER EVERYTHING kept my interest even though it dragged a bit at times. Once the secret James had been keeping is revealed, the book heats up.  The last quarter of the book is very suspenseful, and the book has a satisfying ending.

If you enjoy this time period in history, you will enjoy how Ms. Grissom put together a story line that will captivate you with a wonderful, emotionally packed sequel to THE KITCHEN HOUSE about life during the 1800's.

Enjoy!!  4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Railwayman's Wife by Ashley Hay

Living without Mac was like not living for Ani, but she had to make the best of it.  When she moved to Thirroul, Ani thought it would be wonderful for the rest of her life, but the railroad accident changed it all.

Everything reminded Ani of Mac. The slightest sound or sight would trigger memories

THE RAILWAYMAN'S WIFE moves back and forth between the times before the railroad accident and after the accident and the war.

THE RAILWAYMAN'S WIFE is beautifully written with wonderful description and has odd as well as endearing characters.

You will love Ani, Mac, and Isabel.
You can feel the love between Mac and Ani oozing from the pages as well as Ani's grief and her quest for healing.   

You will definitely dislike Dr. Frank and pity Roy.  Iris was a pessimistic one. The town of Thirroul seems like a city that would be a great place to live with most of the residents being ones you would want to meet.

Ms. Hay definitely gives us a glimpse into the beauty of South Wales and the hearts and desires of the characters. 

THE RAILWAYMAN'S WIFE is filled with love, loss, and thoughts to ponder. 
THE RAILWAYMAN'S WIFE is a book women's fiction fans won't want to miss.  Even though the ending was sad, it was a very positive read about healing, hope, and everyday issues. 4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.

Spotlight and Giveaway of One Flew Over The Banyan Tree


 I am happy to spotlight and host a giveaway of ONE FLEW OVER THE BANYAN TREE.  

I hope you enjoy reading about ONE FLEW OVER THE BANYAN TREE and enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post.

1960s Post-Colonial Nostalgia Collides with Quirky Characters in Historical Fiction Debut 
"One Flew over the Banyan Tree is rich with meticulous detail and digression,
and the payoff for the many escapades is worth the wait."
-- Clarion Review


All Information in this post is courtesy of Elizabeth Martins of Smith Publicity.
How does a young boy find his way after his father loses a critical job and abandons his family in a small island town? In Alan Jansen’s stunning historical fiction debut, One Flew over the Banyan Tree, clever eleven-year-old Rohan grapples with this loss as he finds himself navigating a new world among a cast of colorful characters.

Set on the fictitious island of Victoria (resembling Post-Colonial Sri Lanka), One Flew over the Banyan Tree takes readers through a panoramic journey of life in the 1960s.

Centered on young Rohan through a memorable stay at his Grandmummy’s house in Jellicoe Junction, in One Flew Over the Banyan Tree readers meet loveable and unforgettable characters like Bellakay, the walking encyclopedia; Salgado, a droll glutton; Sonny, owner of the illegal dilapidated restaurant called Nameless; “breakfast-eaters” who enjoy a good session of camaraderie and banter at the illicit eatery; an anthropomorphic canine who ruminates on the human race; headless ghosts who hover above the town’s beloved banyan tree; and many other captivating personalities.

No longer belonging to a functional family, Rohan must come to terms with his transformation into an independent young boy during his surreal stay in impoverished Jellicoe Junction, a lively hub in the island’s capital city – Portopo. After experiencing many perspectives and personalities, will he learn to forgive and transcend — or will he blend into the pauperized place he’s found himself situated in?

The past comes alive in One Flew over the Banyan Tree as generational and class conflicts intensify in the wake of 1960’s counterculture. With great heart and humor, Jansen’s debut is a gripping exposition of the far-reaching impact of British colonization, the ongoing disparities of destitution, and one young boy’s navigation of divided loyalties and decisions that will change the course of his life forever.

In One Flew over the Banyan Tree, Jansen draws inspiration from the wit of O. Henry, the clandestine world-building of Roald Dahl, and the comical storytelling of P.G Wodehouse. This book is a delight for fans of historic fiction, those who enjoy deep character development, and anyone spellbound by the characteristics of post-colonialism.

About the Author: 

Alan Jansen was born and raised in British Colonial Ceylon (later Sri Lanka). He studied at the renowned St. Joseph's College in Colombo and currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden after emigrating there as a young man. Giving up a long-time senior position in a Swedish telecom company, Alan decided to concentrate on a writing career. One Flew over the Banyan Tree is his first novel.  

One Flew over the Banyan Tree [iUniverse] paperback is available at most online booksellers including Amazon, iUniverse, Adlibris, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, (Bowker),  Scribd, Chapters Indigo ca, etc, as of September 24, 2015. The e-book is also available at most of these and other online booksellers.



April 5 - April 8

Enter here

Monday, April 4, 2016

What I Told My Daughter by Nina Tassler - A Perfect Mother's Day Read

What I Told My Daughter

Lessons from Leaders on Raising the Next Generation of Empowered Women

with Cynthia Littleton
I am pleased to feature this book and Ms. Tassler on Silver's Reviews.

A perfect Mother's Day read.


All Information In This Post Is Courtesy Of The Publisher.

WHAT I TOLD MY DAUGHTER is a collection of timely and timeless wisdom for the next generation of empowered women, solicited and edited by former CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler, with journalist Cynthia Littleton. 

From Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Olympian Mia Hamm, from Oscar winners Whoopi Goldberg and Mary Steenburgen to women’s healthcare pioneer Dr. Susan Love, more than fifty of today’s achievers from all politics, science, business, the arts, sports, and public service offer reflections on the messages they have conveyed—or hope to convey—to their daughters about shaping their lives and bettering their world.

“Working on this book has been nothing less than a revelation for me,” Tassler writes. “I never fully appreciated the strength of the emotional and intellectual foundation provided by my mother’s teachings until the essays collected here gave me insights into the challenges that others have faced. 

The order of presentation in this book seeks to both accentuate that diversity and reinforce the universality of motherhood. Underneath the divisive labels that are often affixed to our jobs—working mom, tiger mom, helicopter mom, soccer mom, et. al.—we are all simply women trying to do our best to raise the next generation of empowered leaders….The common thread in all of these tales is the extra layer of responsibility that mothers have to guide their daughters to be empowered, to be confident and to make the right choices for them regardless of societal pressures.”

The essays cross ideological, class, and racial boundaries, emphasizing each woman’s singular experience, but also underscoring their commonalities. Many of the women of a trailblazing generation—such as Justice Ginsburg, United Farm Works co-founder Dolores Huerta, and U.S. House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi—write of the struggle to balance motherhood with career at a time when women had fewer choices. 

Whoopi Goldberg, model Beverly Johnson, and Dr. Marcia McNutt talk about how difficult it can be to allow your daughters to make their own choices—even when those choices are not the ones you yourself might make. Mia Hamm and Christine Baranski address persistence.

The contributors come from all walks of life—writers and activists, a rabbi, a rock star. Gloria Estefan writes of allowing her daughter to make her own spiritual discovery, while Pat Benatar recalls the rigors of trying to be a “normal” mother on the road. 

Brooke Shields talks of trying to protect her daughters from public scrutiny, only to unwittingly make things worse, while Debora Black, one of the first female police chiefs of an urban police force, teaches her daughter about danger, safety, and courage. 

A number of mother-daughter combinations have contributed—Nancy Pelosi and her documentarian daughter Alexandra, and physicians Karen Antman and Amy Antman Gelfand—as well as sisters, actress-director Joanna Kerns and Olympic athlete-broadcaster Donna de Varona. And Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards draws on the advice and example of her colorful, groundbreaking mother, the late Texas governor Ann Richards.

Indeed, the through-line of generations takes on great importance as many of these women have drawn on the examples and advice of their own mothers and grandmothers when pursuing their own successes and now imparting wisdom to their daughters. 

As Marie Osmond writes, “The wisdom my mother gave to me that I want to pass on to my four daughters is to know they always have the right to change their minds, especially when it comes to their personal happiness, whether it involves friendships, potential partners, and even career choices.” 

A portion of the proceeds from WHAT I TOLD MY DAUGHTER will be donated to two organizations devoted to nurturing leadership skills in young women: Girls Inc. and the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up campaign.


About the Author

Nina Tassler recently stepped down as the chairman of CBS Entertainment. She has nurtured some of the most popular shows in television, including The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, ER, and the critically acclaimed The Good Wife. 

She also helped shepherd the global phenomena CSI and NCIS to the screen. Tassler serves on the board for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation and is a member of the Board of Trustees for Boston University. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Jerry Levine, and two children, Matthew and Alice.
* Image courtesy of:

what i told my daughter by nina tassler
(Atria Books; on sale April 5, 2016; $25.00) 
Atria Books, a Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-4767-3467-5
eBook ISBN: 978-1-4767-3469-9