Thursday, October 11, 2018

October/November Reads

What are YOUR upcoming reads?

This is what I will be reading for October and November.

I have already read Tahoe Skydrop and The Mirror Shop...both good.

Currently reading A Dangerous Duet.

1.  Tahoe Skydrop by Todd Borg
2.  The Mirror Shop by Nicholas Bundock
3.  Imposter’s Lure by Carla Neggers
4.  Master of His Fate by Barbara Taylor Bradford

5.  A Dangerous Duet by Karen Odden
6.  Once Upon a River by Diane Setterfield
7. The Promise of Provence by Patricia Sands

Any catching your interest?


  1. yes, The Promise of Provence by Patricia Sands is very good!

  2. I'm reading some horror novels for October. I finished The Haunting of Hill House and I'm now reading Frankenstein. But I'm listening to The Identicals on audio. I will need to think about the rest of the fall season :) Happy reading!