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Giveaway and Spotlight of What Simon Didn't Say by Joy M. Copeland

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What Simon Didn’t Say

All information in this post is courtesy of the author, Joy M. Copeland. 
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October 3, 2018

Advanced Praise From Amazon Reviewers:

“Well written, an unflinching protagonist…with terrific secondary characters. An excellent plot that keeps you engrossed and looking forward to the next page and twist.”
                                             5 Stars  *****

 “Loved hearing about familiar places in DC – and kept me glued to every page to see what happens next to the Heroine!”
                                            5 Stars  *****
About The Book:

A mystery, What Simon Didn’t Say is set in Washington, DC.  

Attorney and single parent, Zoie Taylor, works at the Crayton Foundation, the charitable arm of Crayton Industries. She has returned to DC, her childhood home, lured by the family-friendly Foundation job, which promises to allow her more time with her daughter, and to be near her ailing grandmother. Void of a love life and accustomed to more demanding work at the New York law firm, Zoie is bored.  She broods over the circumstances that left her as a single parent, and the man who walked away.

During her morning commute, a homeless man saves her, as she is about to step into the path of an oncoming car. Her savior is named Simon. The enigmatic Simon makes a strange proclamation about her life.  Much to her surprise, what he has prophesized comes true. She meets and falls for Jahi Khalfani, the dynamic, alluring director of a homeless shelter that receives funds from the Foundation. For sure, her fortune is changing, but is it for the best? Something is seriously amiss at the homeless shelter.  These events begin the cycle, which turns Zoie’s staid existence upside down as she deals with the danger-filled underworld of crime and mystery.

What Simon Didn’t Say has a cast of colorful characters: Nikki, her precocious daughter; Maynard, Simon’s schizophrenic homeless friend; Frances Woods, Zoie’s wise grandmother who has secrets of her own; Zoie’s friend Tina, a defector from the corporate rat race turned yoga instructor; Queen, her grandmother’s Jamaican caregiver, and Lena, a childhood acquaintance, rival of sorts, and now reporter at the local newspaper.

The book is fast paced reading that speaks to adventure and to the spirit of family and friendship.  If you like mysteries and stories about strong women with all their flaws, you’ll like What Simon Didn’t Say.

About the Author:

Photo Credit:  Dennis Copeland

Joy Copeland is a Harlem, New York, native and holds a BA and a MA from Howard University. She has enjoyed a number of careers, including stints in the intelligence community and on Capitol Hill.

She was an information technology (IT) consultant and spent many years in IT management in the corporate world. Joy now focuses on her writing – first short stories and non-fiction, and most recently, her novels.

Joy has been writing since elementary school.  She would write fairy tales and, at the behest of her teacher, read them to a filled school auditorium. Joy says she always wanted to be a writer. “But life often takes one in a different direction. Until you are back again fulfilling your passion.”

The story and characters in What Simon Didn’t Say literally grew out of a dream.  As Joy tells it:  “I had a dream about a homeless man walking down the street with a shopping cart full of his belongings. Lo and behold, the next morning I wake up to see a man fitting the description of the man in my dream pulling a shopping cart down my suburban street. That kind of synchronicity meant I had to write this book.” 

Joy’s other published works include three biographies of Teamster labor leaders:  John H. Cleveland, Daniel J. Tobin, and Clara Day. Joy says: “Producing these books involved years of research and interviews.  

It was a great adventure.” Her short stories appear in a number of personal stories, crime, and horror anthologies including:  Dark Dreams; Life Spices from Seasoned Sistahs; To Hell in a Fast Car; and most recently the 2017 Bram Stoker Award Finalist anthology - Sycorax’s Daughters.

What Simon Didn’t Say is Joy Copeland’s first novel. Her second novel, Borrowed Destiny, is due out Spring 2019.

Joy likes to read and to travel. Her suitcase is always on the ready for the next trip.  She plans to see as much of the world as she can.  Her travels give her inspiration and ideas for her writing. She resides in Northern Virginia with her husband.
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ISBN: 099973170X

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