Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Library of Lost and Found by Phaedra Patrick

A package for Martha? What a nice surprise.

Could it really be for her?  No one does things for her.  She is the one who never says no and does things for everyone else.

When Martha sees what is in the package, she can’t stop asking herself questions about it. 

Does this book actually have copies of  Martha’s stories that she would write because of her Grandmother's prompting?  

Martha always was interested in writing stories because her grandmother encouraged her to write them. Her hopes went up, but then went down again thinking it couldn’t be possible that she found a book with her stories in it.

What about the note scribbled on the front page that was dated years after her grandmother had died?   Could her grandmother have written that note in hopes that Martha would eventually see the book and see that the childhood stories had been published?

Could Grandma really be alive after her parents told her she passed away 30 years ago?  If so, what made them say that?

We meet lovable, helpful, selfless Martha who works in a library and only has her critical sister left so she can’t ask her about the book or Grandmother because Lilian's answer will be completely negative about Martha's findings and her questions just like her father.

Martha finds out that Owen a book store owner found the book and the note and left the book for her because she was the only Martha Storm that he knew of.

We follow Martha on her quest to find about the book, her grandmother, and how all of this could be possible. 

We also find out how she changed her life, trusted people, tried to forget her father’s negativity, and came out of her shell.

THE LIBRARY OF LOST AND FOUND is another heartwarming GEM by Phaedra Patrick with lovable characters you would want to have in your life and is a book you won't want to end.  

The cover is very welcoming as well.

Absolutely LOVED this book.  Be sure to add it to your to-be-read stack.  5/5

This book was given to me as an ARC by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, March 25, 2019

The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton


Leaving me?  How can you want to end this relationship, Nate?  I am the perfect girlfriend.

Juliette and Nate had been together for a short while, but Nate wanted some space. 

Juliette couldn’t get over how Nate wanted to end what they had so she decided to train as an airline stewardess and be close to Nate since he was a pilot.  She had to remember, though, that their parting rules were to have no contact.

Juliette knew how to stay close to Nate yet remain apart.  Juliette would stop in at Nate’s apartment when she knew he was on a long distance flight and pretend she still lived there. 

Juliette did some other things not so benign simply because no one can have Nate if she can’t have him because she is the perfect girlfriend.

THE PERFECT GIRLFRIEND was a bit slow to start, but once Juliette started with her "plans," the pages flew by because you won't be able to believe the extent she went to making sure to keep an eye on Nate and his current life.

You won't want to miss reading THE PERFECT GIRLFRIEND if you enjoy a steadily paced thriller that reveals Juliette and her past and especially her current plans to keep Nate.

She actually made my heart race with the things she did and with her boldness.  It is also difficult to believe how she thought of the things she did.

Obsessive, cunning, deceitful, unstable, and awful are the PERFECT words for THE PERFECT GIRLFRIEND.  4/5

This book was given to me as an ARC by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

It's Monday!! What Are YOU Reading? - 3/25/2019

I hope you had a great reading week.  
This is a weekly meme hosted by Kathryn at BOOK DATE!

Post the books completed, the books you are currently reading, and the books you hope to finish at some point.
Books Completed:

LITTLE DARLINGS by Melanie Golding - review will be on April 25, 2019 - finished on March 23.

MY LOVELY WIFE by Samantha Downing - review will be on April 7 - finished on March 20.

You HAVE to read this book to believe what the characters do.  A great debut and a good thriller.

THE MOTHER-IN-LAW by Sally Hepworth - review will be on April 23 - finished March 15. 

A domestic suspense.

LITTLE LOVELY THINGS by Maureen Joyce Connolly - review will be on April 10 - finished on March 11.

An amazing debut.

THE BOOKSHOP OF THE BROKEN HEARTED by - review will be on April 9, 2019 - finished on March 6.

Quirky characters, but interesting story line.

THE PERFECT GIRLFRIEND by Karen Hamilton - review will be on March 25 - finished on March 3.

Whew...I would never want to meet up with her or get on her bad side.  :)

THE LAST YEAR OF THE WAR by Susan Meissner - review will be on March 27, 2019 - finished on February 25.

THE LIBRARY OF LOST AND FOUND by Phaedra Patrick - review will be on March 26 - finished on February 20.

Absolutely LOVED this book.

BEAUTIFUL BAD by Annie Ward - review is in the book's title.

Dragged a bit, but a good ending.

Book Currently Reading:

PARK AVENUE SUMMER by Renee Rosen - review will be on April 30, 2019.
Books Up Next:

THE LAST TIME I SAW YOU by Liv Constantine - review will be on May 6, 2019.

THE SEVEN OR EIGHT DEATHS OF STELLA FORTUNA by Juliet Grames - review will be on May 7, 2019.
THE MISSING YEARS by Lexie Elliott - review and giveaway will be on May 12, 2019.

THE NIGHT BEFORE by Wendy Walker - review will be on May 14, 2019.

THE FAVORITE DAUGHTER by Kaira Rouda - review will be on May 21.

WHAT LIES BELOW by Barbara Taylor Sissel - review will be on May 23, 2019.

THE SUMMER COUNTRY by Lauren Willig - review will be on June 4.

ASHES by Sharon Gloger Friedman - review will be on June 10. 
THOSE PEOPLE by Louise Candlish - review will be on June 11.

THE LAST HOUSE GUEST by Megan Miranda - review will be on June 18.

DEAR WIFE by Kimberly Belle - review will be on June 25.
THE NEIGHBORHOOD by Erina Bridget Ring - review will be on June 26.

LAYOVER by David Bell - review will be on July 3.

THE GOLDEN HOUR by Beatriz Williams - review will be on July 9.

BETHLEHEM by Karen Kelly - review will be on July 10.

STRANGER ON THE BEACH by Michelle Campbell - review will be on July 23.

NEVER HAVE I EVER by Joshilyn Jackson - review will be on July 30.

THE CHELSEA GIRLS by Fiona Davis - review will be on July 31.

BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE by Rea Frey - review will be on August 5.

THE WOMEN OF THE COPPER COUNTRY by Mary Doria Russell - review will be on August 6.
THE OYSTERVILLE SEWING CIRCLE by Susan  Wiggs - review will be on August 20.

29 SECONDS by T. M. Logan - review will be on September 10.