Thursday, January 30, 2020

Spotlight and AUDIO giveaway of The Hunt by Jacqueline Terrill

Jacqueline Terrill is celebrating the release of her book:
With a USA or UK AUDIO Giveaway!!

All information and the giveaway prize in this post are courtesy of the author, Jacqueline Terrill.  

Jacqueline will provide and send the winner his/her audio book.

After thirty years of marriage, Rachel observes herself amid a matrimonial nightmare.

While at first, she sought to write off Seth’s nighttime escapades and drinking as a midlife crisis, the local sheriff hands her a foreclosure notice because her mortgage hasn't been paid. Rachel perceives something is awry.

Devastated and needing space to reflect, Rachel accepts a respite from her best friend Lauren to hang at her cabin in the Allegheny Mountains for Thanksgiving, where she reconnects with Lauren, and her family.

When Rachel tries to understand Seth’s change of heart, the schemes of her husband, mother-in-law, and the entire Blackstone crew. The family she married into became an illusion.As her thirty-year marriage dissolves, Rachel realizes that getting into the Blackstone family is one thing, but getting out alive is another.

Desperate to get off of this roller-coaster ride without shattering, Rachel must figure out the shrewdest way to pull herself up out of this turbulent charade.Can she stay alive through the worst episodes that marred her down to her knees?

Jacqueline Terrill is an Author of Romantic Suspense. She's a native of Pennsylvania. For more than twenty years she was an Entrepreneur, Business owner. She attended Shenango Valley School of Business, Gannon University for Business Marketing, and attended Shenango Valley Slackwriter's Group for four years until her book came to fruition.

In my spare time I wrote a recipe book for my children - Awesome Traditional Recipes. This is a great cookbook with step-by-step directions that are easy to make, and sure to be a win-win situation for you, and your family.

My husband Neil, my dog Cream, and my cat Oliver are the finest part of my everyday lifestyle.  That goes without mentioning my children, and grandchildren. We live in Western Pennsylvania.

To read more about Jacqueline you can visit her website at: or follow her Author's Page on Facebook.


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