Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Welcome to Fred by Brad Whittington

What a refreshing, inspirational book with many amusing situations that anyone will be able to relate to.  Welcome to Fred, which is a town in Texas, allows the reader to follow Mark Cloud through the years, the different towns his family lived in, the pain of being the new kid in town, the “mark” of being a PK…Preacher’s Kid, and his need as every teenager of trying to fit in.  

The main focus of the book is on Mark and his escapades with Mark as the narrator.

Mark is a precocious character full of life and energy.  He meets a friend named M on their first move, and they share adventures together....he lamented that he never found a friend like M ever again.  They share their knowledge of the Bible, secret visits to a homeless woman, and their love of reading.  The adventures he and M shared were described in detail, and the character descriptions are wonderful.
  The book is filled with great stories and adventures that pertain to everyday life.   It is a quick read and keeps your interest.

Mr. Whittington did a very nice job of developing the story, and he will make you think about everyday things while giving them a new meaning for you. 

If you need a book that will lift your spirits, make you think, appreciate everyday occurrences and life itself, and also make you laugh, please take the time to read Welcome to Fred.


  1. That sounds very much like a book written to capture the essence of the bible belt (or at least the outskirts of it).

  2. This sounds good! I am pinning it so I can check it out from the library. It looks like I will be enjoying my time at your blog!!

  3. Enjoyed my visit. Have a Happy New Year!