Saturday, September 11, 2010

Don't Blink by James Patterson

Another masterfully-crafted Patterson (Roughan)....suspense, tension, surprises, twists and turns at every page.

“In the horror of those moments at Lombardo’s, as well as in the haze and commotion of the aftermath on the killing floor, I’d forgotten that I had already been recording when Vincent Marcozza and those cops were murdered.”“I didn’t get my interview with Dwayne Robinson.  But what did I get? Page 66

Lombardo's?  Really?  How could this happen in Lombardo's restaurant in the middle of the afternoon.  And to top it off with a reporter close by and a famous baseball player waiting to be interviewed....really?

Nick Daniels was the unlucky reporter who had been in the restaurant when the murders occurred...he actually had recorded it and didn't realize it....he hoped the murderer didn't realize it either....but could that really be kept a secret when it is common knowledge that reporters carry habitually-on tape recorders especially when they are planning to interview someone?
Restaurants, tape recorders, reporters, organized crime, a woman...all this wrapped up into one to make Nick's life miserable and dangerous, but thrilling.

Don't Blink was very fast paced (maybe in honor of its title?) and a gripping page turner....the author(s) left a thought hanging at the end of one section and immediately picked it up within two sentences at the start of the next chapter.   Storyline was excellent.  I really enjoyed the book.  5/5 


  1. I came from Cym Lowell's Book Review Party Wednesday.

    The first and only James Patterson book I've ever read is Witch and Wizard which ended in a whooping cliffhanger. I hate cliffhangers so never picked up another James Patterson ever again. But I have to admit that he does have a compelling author's voice. So I can totally understand where you come from when you said that this book is fast to read with excellent storyline.

    Cherry Mischievous

  2. I've read two Patterson books up till now and they had a similar pace: subtle "cliffhangers" at the end of every chapter. I love that, it made you keep reading ,just to know what would happen next.

  3. THANKS for stopping by The Librarian.