Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Killer of Orchids by Ralph Ashworth

"A little forensic investigation, conducted from the safety of the Cloisters, might excite things a bit.  He and Xander could puzzle out the tricky little murder reported in the paper." Page 144 
It definitely wasn't a little murder....it was something out of the ordinary. 
A Samurai running through the parking lot swinging a sword and deliberately targeting two men then slicing them to pieces definitely would not be a typical occurrence in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Who could the murderer have been...two men are dead and not a clue where the killer went.  Why would these two specific men be chosen as victims?  One person knew the whole story.
As the tale unravels and the mystery is solved, you get to enjoy the characters and share a part of their unusual and interesting lives.  It is a mystery, but is also amusing.....it is more about the investigation and characters' lives than a description of the murder.
Jeff, a computer expert and Xander, an 11-year old, wanted to discover who was responsible for this brutal evening.  They went back to the scene of the crime and even to the homes of the victims to look for clues.  They also went to the funeral home of each victim, and definitely did some wild and dangerous detective work.
Vernon Roman's wake was quite a show beginning with the funeral home to the family....it will actually make you laugh at what happened.  Roman's family was undeniably made up of an eclectic group.  
The wake of Marshall Chester was completely opposite and filled to the brim with students and colleagues paying their respects to one of their distinguished and well-loved faculty members. 
This book doesn't seem to be well known in reading circles, but it is a good read.  The comedy and the mystery hold your interest.  It gets a little tense at times, but isn't that how mysteries work?  If you are a mystery lover, you will definitely enjoy the book.  5/5


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