Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Door at the Top of the Stairs by Alison Naomi Holt

Deep and hidden memories, new-found friends to help, a job that helps with the pain....Jesse had all of these, but could the pain go away?

When Jesse arrives on Morgan and Ryland's farm for a job, the conflict between Jesse and Morgan was instantaneous...they both were head strong and wanted to be in control.  Morgan had a great life as owner of a profitable farm, Ryland was the calm, retired psychoanalyst, and Jesse was 26 with horrible memories of torture that affected her daily life and memories that she couldn't get to surface.

Using her professional skills, Ryland set up a session each day at one o'clock to try to help Jesse get rid of the demons that were plaguing her and causing  her to have unbearable headaches.  The sessions were tortuous for all, but they must help Jesse.   Jesse was difficult, but they understood why....she was always ready for a fight, and did get into a few.   They all agreed, though, that whatever it takes to cure Jesse is what they would do.  Of course, there were others who tried to get in their way and cause more problems.

 The book had excellent details of situations and the characters' could easily visualize each scene and experience the emotions.  Ms. Holt did a superb job with getting you involved..the book definitely held your interest, and made you hopeful that Jesse would finally get well.  The book reminds the reader that the mind is very powerful, but also very fragile.  

Just an ending note...I would classify some parts of this book as a don't expect all sweetness and light...there are some brutal scenes.  5/5


  1. Wow -- 5/5 is fabulous! Aside from the brutal scenes it does sound intense in the good, exciting way :)

  2. I was intrigued by this one and downloaded the sample but haven't read it yet. I was thinking it was the wrong book until you said about the brutal scenes and it being a thriller. I'm excited to see you give it 5.

  3. A 5/5, this is going on my tbr bucket list. Fantastic review. I love a book that can actually make you feel tht you are part of the story line and can be so engrossing with visuals that you are not aware of your surroundsings. Thank you for this must read review.

  4. Enjoyed this review, it certainly makes me want to read the book.

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  5. Sounds like one of those books that would stirr up a lot of vision as you read along! I like those types of books!