Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shelter by Sarah Stonich

Lots and lots of information magnificently conveyed.

Shelter is a love affair with the land....a land filled with nature's beauty.

"Pristine, undeveloped......that description had an almost whimsical ring to 58.....Sarah loved her emergent forest.
Ms. Stonich's writing style is impeccable.  Learning about the wilderness and "cabin living" couldn't have been described better. You will feel her love of the land and also her little cabin along with the hardships of living without electricity and running water.   The descriptions of the untouched wilderness was so good you could visualize the land in detail.

Her family stories were great, and the interaction with the townspeople was delightful.  She will also let you in on the secrets of living in a small town and living with no luxuries.

Not only will you have great descriptions of landscapes, but you will thoroughly enjoy the descriptions of the generations of the Stoniches and their delicious food and family traditions.  Weaved into the book are touches of Sarah's personal life.

Shelter is not only a literary work of love, but also a book you will want to re-read to be sure you didn’t miss any of the details.

It is not something I normally would read, and it did get a little tedious at times, but the writing was outstanding and made it worth the reading journey.  4/5


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