Friday, September 9, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen....The Reedemers by Michael Scott Miller

Talented musicians, musical passion, friends, and their band.

You will receive a lesson in compassion and determination and realize that one's life can be turned around at any age.  The dialogue among the characters makes up most of the book....not much narration.  
The characters are very interesting and very well described.  The main character is trying to resurrect a  band not only to return to the life he once had, but also to get gifted musicians together.  He and each character are believable. 
If you are a musician, you will thoroughly enjoy how the main character searched and searched for the perfect band members.   If you are not a musician, you will appreciate the talent and passion music professionals have. 
I enjoyed the book for a peek into a subject area I have no background in.  Musicians are talented, unique individuals, and you will be able to see all these traits in the book.  
The book is heartwarming, and the "redeeming" ending fits perfectly with the title.
 4/5....only because it dragged a little at times, and it got tedious waiting for the band to get going.  :)

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  1. I do know a few musicians and they work very hard. This sounds interesting.