Sunday, December 11, 2011

City of Whispers by Marcia Muller

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What could he have done now?  Where has he been?  Why does he show up when he needs something and then not allow us to know where he is? 

Those were questions Shar asked herself after she received an e-mail from her constantly absent half-brother, Darcy.   She always helped him out, but she couldn't help if she couldn't find him.  She was worried that this time he was truly in deep trouble.

The story takes place in San Francisco in wealthy neighborhoods and also in squalor.  You can guess where they were looking for Darcy.  The book centered on the search for Darcy and also on his role in the murder of Gaby.  His return to the city prompted the re-investigation of Gaby's murder.

The chapters were divided into the book’s characters describing each character's role in the search for Darcy.  Luckily Shar and her co-workers were good at detective work.   

Each suspect in the murder had something to hide and each suspect kept quiet.  Gaby had been dead for two years, and opening up the investigation caused those involved to become alarmed and to hide more secrets and cover up what happened with more murders.  There were some characters who you would readily suspect and others that will surprise you.  The characters were likable, and they all had their secrets….”Secrets, damned secrets.”  Page 193   According to Sharon, secrets were the root of all evil….she even had some of her own.

This is the first Sharon McCone mystery I have read.  Not bad, but not a gripper.  

The author, Marcia Muller, has a good writing style, and I liked how she set up each chapter.  It became more gripping toward the end.  I would not be opposed to reading more of Ms. Muller’s work. 4/5


  1. I am very picky about my reads; and will only stick to 'clean' reads but I'd like to give this one a try because I've spent a lot of time in San Francisco--so that alone intrigues me to give it a shot.

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