Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Old Loves Die Hard by Lauren Carr

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Mac Faraday, Archie Monday, and Gnarly are again working their magic to solve a murder in Spencer.

Spencer, Maryland, was hit again with a double murder inside the penthouse at Mac's Inn. This sequel brought in new characters that included high profile attorneys and judges who may be murderers. The twists and turns involved in the solving of the murder is quite creative.  Lauren Carr is a great mystery writer. This book gives you more background about the characters that you loved in her first book and gives you a lot of information about investigations and how the judicial system works.....great research done by the author.

The murderer in this tale is pretty clever and knows a lot about the connections the people she is killing have with each other.  The way the story weaves definitely keeps you it the judge and his attorney it the Spanish-speaking it Mac's murdered ex-wife who got herself killed as well or someone totally out of the blue?  When will we find out?  They all seem to be guilty.  I guess you will have to read OLD LOVES DIE HARD to see. :)

This sequel is first-rate but not as gripping as her first didn't grab me from the first page as much as the first one did, but as it continues it gets intense and good....and ooh la la on the will love it.  It actually is good in a different way from the first book by including more of Mac's previous experiences as a detective and giving insight into the solving of crimes.

For someone who loves twists and turns and suspense up until the last page you won't want to miss this brilliant mystery.   I am definitely delighted I found the Mac Faraday mystery series.  I love his character and the mysteries.  4/5 

Looking forward to Lauren's next book in the series:  SHADES OF MURDER.  


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