Friday, July 20, 2012

Angel Sleuth by Lesley A. Diehl

A writer, unexpected guests, pool sharks, and a death that didn't appear to be from natural causes.

Angel Sleuth took place in a small town that was for the most part free from crime, but not free from the pettiness and gossip that happens in small towns.  Now with the death of the town's most-loved resident, Leda, who was also the local advice columnist, the town heated up with intrigue and suspicion.   Once Leda’s body showed up, there were more bodies to follow and many connections that were discovered.

This is a fun cozy mystery with great characters.  The characters are sweet, lovable, innocent, and delightful....well most of them were :)  There also are characters that are evil, characters that are involved in drug traffic and organized crime, and characters such as Desdemona the pig who saved the day at one point.

The story line was great and with all the eccentric, adorable characters, the book was difficult to put down.  Enjoy this quick, delightful read.  5/5