Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Ropewalk by John Knauf

This book is phenomenal in all respects...the depth of the author's thoughts and writing, the storyline, the history, and the eeriness of the plot will keep you up late into the night and will also have you checking to ensure your home is securely locked to keep out any shuffling feet, make you more aware of noises that happen in the middle of the night, and it may even have you checking under your bed for uninvited guests.

An old rope factory turned into a dorm and one that is empty except for Egan, Margaret, Sonya, and unrecognizable sounds is the setting for this suspenseful, marvelously written book.

The two adult characters and one child are stuck in a dorm during a winter storm right before Christmas break.  Margaret and Sonya are waiting for a ride home for the holidays, and Egan is trying to do research for his book.  The trio connects and not much gets done except visiting, breakfasts, dinners, and trying to find out what the sounds are in the old place that keeps Margaret awake at night.  Egan's "need to know" will become your "need to know" about everything that is occurring.

Mr. Knauf is talented in all literary aspects.  His writing is exquisite and very detailed.   You will become quite attached to all three characters and their “sound” search and also to Egan's research.  The historical research will keep your interest if nothing else.  Finding an abandoned, ancient village and exploring the dorm and its many hidden rooms was so well described in Mr. Knauf's exceptional style that you will want to jump in and help find the treasures. 

This book was a mystery as well...something to be solved in the present and something to be discovered from the past.  The author's exceptional writing style brings you close to the story and close to the feelings of the characters and allows  you to become so absorbed in the story, you will be thinking about the book even when you aren’t able to read it.  You will grab any spare moment you can to continue on this remarkable journey that Mr. Kanuf brought to his readers.

It is a long book, but it does not get tedious because of the gifted author and his intriguing story.  The 500-page book is definitely worth taking the time to absorb, learn, and enjoy.  I can't say enough and give enough praise to Mr. Kanuf for his book.

The Ropewalk has something for everyone....suspense, mystery, history, questioning, love, an extremely brilliant, thought-provoking ending, and most of all an outstanding read that will stay with you long after you turn the last page.   A very engaging, captivating read.  5/5

This book was given to me free of charge by the author in exchange for an honest review.




  1. A long one, but good. You will learn a lot.

  2. Sounds intriguing and definitely like an excellent book. I'll have to tag this one. Thanks.