Friday, November 23, 2012

Last Day for the Giveaway of THE GIRL ON THE CLIFF

Contest has ended and the winner chosen at is:


CONGRATS...I will send Sally an e-mail.

Thanks to all 37 of you who entered.

Today is the last day for my giveaway of THE GIRL ON THE CLIFF.  My review is here.
I will choose the winner tonight, and I will post the winner here.

Here are the guidelines for the giveaway.

There are currently 37 entries.


Giveaway Guidelines:

1.  Please a new or old follower of my blog.  

To become a NEW FOLLOWER, please don't forget to click the JOIN THIS SITE BUTTON down the right-hand side.

I think some folks are saying they are a NEW FOLLOWER but are forgetting to press that button.  :)

2.  Please be a citizen of the USA.

3.  Please complete this form.

Good Luck to all entrants.   


  1. Good Luck to everyone and to the LUCKY winner.

    This book was very good!!

  2. Hi Elizabeth
    Just wanted to say 3 things.
    1 - Thanks for visiting my blog.
    2 - I joined your site and
    3 - I LOVE your site's picture.
    Enjoy the visit with your son.