Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Beautiful Explanation of SEVEN LOCKS by Christine Wade

I read and reviewed SEVEN LOCKS in December, but I was somewhat confused about the title and its true meaning and also the meaning of the book itself.  

I wrote to the author, and she graciously agreed to allow me to use her comments made on my review as a separate post so that others  would not miss her true meaning.

Let's welcome Christine Wade.  If you are moved by her words as I was by her book, you will find yourself making SEVEN LOCKS your next read.

Christine's Explanation:

"Thanks for asking about the title !!!!
You are right in that the meaning of the proverb "The future is a book with seven locks." is not patently obvious. I take it to have a meaning such as "Que sera, sera" or "What ever will be will be, the future is not ours to see."

Personally, I think the beauty of a proverb is that some you get right away, like "Speak of the devil, and you trip on his tail" not because its meaning is so literal and obvious, but because you have heard them so many times repeated in context that you just get what they mean. Unfamiliar ones from other cultures are more mysterious and ambiguous. You know people have said them for ages, so they kinda roll around in your brain but you are not quite sure what they mean.

So "the future is a book with seven locks" has an authentic old world ring that evokes the forward march of time by referencing the future. Time, anxiety about time passing, lost time, and memory are all themes of the book that are developed (but not explained) by this proverb.

So glad you enjoyed Seven Locks and glad you found that it has secrets. I wanted to write a book with some cards up its sleeves that an attentive reader could ponder after they put the book down.. The beginning epigraph and the last sentence challenge the reader to unravel the secrets of the book."


  1. Elizabeth, this posting by the author has grabbed my attention. Now I shall look up your review. Thanks for visiting My Bookshelf. Have a terrific day!

  2. I love authors who take the time to answer reader questions.

  3. The is a beautiful explanation! Thank you for sharing it.

  4. Interesting insight. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That's very interesting - the whole idea of obscure and not-so-obscure proverbs is a great topic. Sometimes you keep using a phrase without really thinking what it means any more....

  6. I suppose no one could pick all seven locks....

  7. All these lovely comments from 2013!!

    Thanks everyone.