Sunday, April 7, 2013

Trompe L'oeil (To Fool The Eye) by Caroline Miller

Hidden tunnels, a castle, Paris, a mystery, deceit, and a questionable inheritance.  Rachel Farraday was the lucky one to be chosen by Madame de Villier to assist in researching the history of her chateau and also in a surprise that may have or may not have been planned and a surprise that turned out to not be a good one. The fun began along with mystery and tragedy not too long after Rachel arrived.

The writing was excellent as usual when it comes to Caroline Miller, but I enjoyed Gothic Spring much more. The characters and plot were unique, but the plot was also a bit confusing....perhaps over my head??? Mrs. de Toi, the cook, was my favorite character because of her demeanor and the delicious foods she prepared.  Madame de Villier was a bit eccentric and moody. Rachel was trying to be helpful but not always succeeding. Mathiam was a bit on the odd side. Christian and the other characters were frightening and quite shady.

This book was filled with all my favorite things: castles, family secrets, cooks, cooks and butlers with secrets, surprises, and many twists and turns.  At times, the plot became a bit tedious, but Ms. Miller again didn't disappoint as the ending revealed it all and the book stood up to its title.

The book was part history, part mystery, and just plain good old European living.  All the things I enjoy reading about.  4/5 

This book was given to me free of charge by the author without compensation in exchange for an honest review.


  1. ". . . hidden tunnels, a castle, Paris, a mystery, and plain good old European living . . ." Definitely my kind of book. Thanks for an intriguing review.

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  3. It definitely looks like it's worth a look, until I glance at my TBR pile, and then I have to make a careful appraisal...!